Chelsea Houska, now Chelsea DeBoer, is best known for her time on the hit reality shows “16 and Pregnant” and “Teen Mom 2.”

The show initially followed her journey when she got pregnant with her first child, 9-year-old Aubree Skye. Now, not only is Aubree continuing to grow up, but Chelsea is happily married to a man named Cole, and together, they have two children of their own.

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My whole world

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And while Chelsea and Cole live pretty quiet lives with Aubree, Watson, and Layne, the mom was recently mom-shamed for the most recent photo she shared of Aubree on Instagram.

On August 21, Chelsea shared the traditional first day of school photo. Aubree could be seen wearing a big smile on her face, a multi-colored plaid shirt, hoop earrings, and lipstick.

The mom wrote:

Okay what the heck. She can stop looking so grown up now. [S]he was OBSESSED with these earrings and wanted to wear lipstick this morning. Where’d my baby go?!

And while many of Chelsea’s followers thought Aubree looked adorable, others mom-shamed the mom of three for allowing her daughter to go to school wearing earrings and lipstick:

Lipstick wow [too] young.

[My] daughter is 12 and ask to wear my hoop earrings all the time or if I could buy her some. The answer HELL No too young. She stopped asking and lipstick to school nope. That look for dressup only, but not in public and definitely not too school.

She’s beautiful. She doesn’t need those awful big hoops and she is way too young for any cosmetics even lipstick. Sorry sweetie.

Beautiful but the earrings have to go. She’s still little.

She still is your baby. You can say no to the lipstick and earrings. Why are parents afraid to be parents? Most parents want to be “friends”!!! You’re their parents first!!!

Regardless of the backlash, Chelsea didn’t seem to mind that her daughter wanted to dress up a bit for the first day of school.

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And this isn’t the first time a celebrity was shamed for letting their young children wear makeup. As Dearly previously reported, Kim Kardashian received some backlash when she posted photos of her oldest daughter North playing with her cosmetics.

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