It’s been a difficult year for “Teen Mom OG” stars Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell.

The two went through a devastating miscarriage that left them both heartbroken, Dearly previously reported. Tyler said on the show:

“We just sat on the bed and cried. We just held another. There’s nothing you can really do.”

Thankfully, the couple had good news in September. The reality stars confirmed that they are expecting a rainbow baby, who will be their third little girl together.

However, their relationship hasn’t been smooth sailing during Catelynn’s pregnancy.

Monday’s episode of “Teen Mom OG” revealed that Tyler asked to move out of their home because he wasn’t happy with their marriage.

The two were at a couple’s therapy retreat when he told Catelynn about his decision, People reports.

Upon their return, Tyler told the show’s producers that they’d been together for so long that he wanted to try and stand on his own. He said:

“That’s why I said, ‘I want to live separately.’ I just felt like it was the best place to bring it up, I guess.”

Catelynn said she didn’t take the news well at first and felt like he was going to “abandon” her:

“He decided he wanted to try living separately for a month. I was devastated, at first, but now that I’ve started my own therapy, I’m more comfortable with the idea.”

The expectant mom said she had concerns about being pregnant by herself and raising their other child. Catelynn said:

“In my mind, it makes it harder for a mom to do that, and taking care of a 3-year-old and then being pregnant. It’s just a lot of stress.”

Catelynn told producers that she initially thought he may have been leaving her for someone else. She said:

“I even texted him and asked him, ‘Is there somebody else?’ He said, ‘What the f—? Do you think that I would cheat on you?’ In my heart of hearts, no, but it was just so blindsiding. Like, what the f— is going on?”

It’s unclear if Tyler actually moved out of the home. Fans will likely find out in an upcoming episode of the series.

But thankfully, the duo said they’re not looking to get a divorce for now.

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