A new season of MTV’s series “Teen Mom OG” started Monday. In an episode preview, Catelynn Lowell Baltierra expressed her fears about having another baby.

“With Nova I had really bad postpartum depression,” Catelynn said. “Am I going to have to go through all that s**t again?” (Watch the entire preview below.)

For the past year, Catelynn and her husband, Tyler, have been debating whether they should have another baby.

The process of starting a family together has been difficult for Catelynn, as she suffered from postpartum depression after the birth of their second child.

Psychiatrists predict that women who suffer from postpartum depression during a pregnancy are between 50 percent to 70 percent more likely to face the condition again. However, not all moms will endure postpartum depression during a subsequent pregnancy.

Dr. Ruta Nonacs, an associate director of the Center for Women’s Health at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, told Health.com:

“Approach a second pregnancy with your eyes wide open and remember that it’s almost never as bad the second time as it is the first. You can’t stop that genetic or hormonal ball from rolling, but having your ducks lined up in advance can be protective.”

The couple gave birth to a little girl, Novalee Reign, two years ago. They also have a daughter, Carly, who was given up for adoption in 2009. Catelynn recently told MTV she periodically grieves for the daughter she gave up.

“Grief comes in all different ways and it comes in random ways when it comes to adoption,” Catelynn told MTV. “You’re fighting with your internal instinct […] I have way more happy days than I do sad days. There’s a rare day when I have a sad day because I know I made the right decision for her.”

The couple recently met with Carly over the summer. Around the same time, “Entertainment Tonight” reports, Tyler expressed interest in expanding their family.

While the “Teen Mom OG” cast was in Puerto Rico, Tyler said he was waiting for her to feel comfortable with the idea and asked Catelynn when she will be ready:

“How long do you think? How long do we have to wait, honey?”

At the end of the recent episode, Catelynn told a friend she’s considering going off of her birth control soon.

But the journey so far has not been easy. Earlier in November, Catelynn was admitted into a rehab center after she experienced suicidal thoughts for an entire day:

On Nov. 17, she told RadarOnline she wanted to seek help so other parents felt comfortable talking about mental health:

“Anyone feeling alone you ARE NOT ALONE! This world needs all of us in it! We are all here for a reason. Thank you for your support during this tough time. Much Love.”

Tyler went to the rehab to visit Catelynn over Thanksgiving weekend. It appears that if all continues to go well, she will be released next week.

Catelynn and Tyler started dating in junior high. They found out they were pregnant with their first child in 2009 when they were 16 years old. The couple married in 2015 after 10 years of dating.

As the season continues, it’s certain that family planning and addressing mental health will be a topic of conversation for the “Teen Mom OG” couple.

If you have questions about perinatal mood and anxiety disorders or currently are experiencing postpartum depression, you can call Postpartum Support International at 1-800-944-4773.

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