“Teen Mom 2” star Briana DeJesus, 23, previously revealed on the reality series that she was considering putting her second child up for adoption.

According to earlier reports, DeJesus got pregnant with her youngest daughter, Stella, after a night of partying with the child’s father, Luis.


And the two have had a rocky relationship ever since.

After dealing with her eldest daughter’s absent father, DeJesus decided that she didn’t want to go through the same difficult struggle again.

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She asked Luis:

“How do you feel about adoption? This may sound wrong, but if you was to leave, and not be around, I’m stuck with these two kids. It’s not fair to the girls because they don’t have that decision to just walk out. You guys do.”

Her child’s father slammed the decision at the time. But on Monday’s episode of “Teen Mom 2,” DeJesus met with an adoption counselor to discuss her options:

The young mother asked the adoption counselor if she could move forward without the support of her child’s father, according to People. She said:

“I would like [an] open adoption or at least semi-open. Let’s say the father of this baby isn’t on board 110 percent. Will I still need him to be on board to proceed if I wanted to give this baby up for adoption?”

The counselor said that DeJesus would need some sort of “support” from Luis in order to move forward — but her second conversation with the baby daddy went about as well as the first. She told Luis:

“You have 30 days to agree with it or disagree with it. If you don’t do what they say in those 30 days they take away your parental rights and it’s up to me.”


And he didn’t take it too well. Luis shot back at her:

“I know you want to explore your options, but I think what is best for my child is for her to be with her parents. People work out all the time. Even through worse matters. Obviously, you know I don’t want to co-parent in the sense of us not being together. I want to be together.”

The show ended on a cliffhanger, but it seems she has revealed her decision about the adoption on Instagram.

Along with a photo of her two little girls, the “Teen Mom 2” wrote:

I’m glad I was able to explore my options when it came to Stella. When I first found out the relationship between her father and I would not work out, I knew the relationship between her dad and her wouldn’t either…

My job from now on is to protect them from unstable, irresponsible, inconsistent, non caring people. These girls give me life and I know we will come across many obstacles but I know they will always be ok.. because they have ME! Me and only me.


So even though the fathers of her children don’t appear to really be in the picture, DeJesus has decided to keep her happy little family together — no matter what it takes.

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