Briana DeJesus, mother of two and star of MTV’s “Teen Mom 2,” was nervous to give birth to her second baby girl in July.

The 23-year-old considered getting an abortion when she found out she was pregnant for a second time after it looked like the baby’s father, Luis, wouldn’t be in the picture, according to People.

After little Stella was born, DeJesus contemplated putting her up for adoption. Ultimately, she decided to raise her alongside her other daughter, 5-year-old Nova.

But now, she’s revealing the scary moment she discovered her newborn had a serious health problem.

Briana DeJesus/Instagram

According to People, DeJesus recently found her 3-month-old fighting to breathe. Her tiny hands and feet had turned blue due to a lack of oxygen.

She rushed the infant to the emergency room, where they told the mom her little girl had holes in her heart. It’s part of a potentially dangerous condition, ventricular septal defect.

Children with the condition have holes that are located between the chambers in the heart, causing a murmur. Sometimes, ventricular septal defect can lead to congestive heart failure in infants, according to Cincinnati Children’s.

Briana DeJesus/Instagram

However, it seems as though little Stella may have a milder case. On a recent episode of “Teen Mom 2,” DeJesus told her older sister, Britney, on the phone:

“Luckily, the holes don’t grow, they’re kind of small. People live their lives with holes in their heart… they’re fine. [The doctor] just wants to keep an eye on it.”

Stella’s father, Luis, didn’t seem too concerned about his daughter’s diagnosis. He told DeJesus he only had time to see her a couple of times a week after having been nearly absent since her birth.

DeJesus’s mother, Roxanne, said:

“It just baffles me when you can sit there like a zombie and your daughter is going through so much. You didn’t have the decency to call or check up on your daughter. Meanwhile, she could have had a heart attack.”

Despite the health scare, Stella appears to be doing OK for now. DeJesus said she thinks the happy family will come out of the situation “fine.”

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