The first time Kevin met Blake, they were teenagers at Bair Lake Bible Camp in Michigan. Blake walked up to Kevin at the archery station and told him his black T-shirt looked good on him.

As Kevin recalled to “Inside Edition,” the compliment made twice the impression because the girl giving it was the “prettiest girl” he had ever seen.

The two friends from different states stayed in touch until they saw each other again the next summer at camp. They exchanged phone numbers, but as they grew older they lost contact with one another. One day, out of the blue, Blake had a feeling she just had to call Kevin.

It was a conversation she wasn’t prepared for. Kevin said:

“I was basically staring down the barrel of my own mortality.”

During senior year of high school, Kevin fell into a deep depression. As he wrote on Quora, the teen was experiencing “dumb high school stuff” that to a teenager seemed all-consuming. He resolved to take his own life.

After planning to commit suicide for weeks, Kevin wrote a note and decided to end things by slitting his wrists. He made all the arrangements and drove to the place where he wanted to complete the act, “Inside Edition” reported.

That’s when his phone rang. The timing couldn’t have been more divinely guided as Kevin explained (emphasis original):

Somewhere between 5 and 10 seconds before I would have committed suicide, my phone rang. I checked the caller ID — I couldn’t die not knowing. It was a number I didn’t recognize, so I picked up and it was her.

Blake was on the other end. Kevin asked how things were and Blake told him she had a feeling she just had to call and asked him what he was up to. Kevin admitted the truth:

Long story short, she pried, I spilled the beans and she talked me out of it. I mean she literally said “What? Don’t do that.” And that was that.

The two talked and Blake made Kevin promise he would call her the following day. As he told “Inside Edition,” agreeing to speak again later seemed “weird” because he hadn’t planned on living much longer.

That night, Kevin began channeling his emotions into a journal. Amid the dark feelings of a depressed teenager was the gratitude that Blake had been there for him.

Since Blake’s call, the two stayed in touch, and 10 years later, Kevin’s journal, now filled with words, revealed a different story than that of a teenager struggling with depression. It was a marriage proposal.

He had no idea what his words on the night he tried to take his own life would mean a decade later. As Kevin wrote:

That night I started writing the words which, ten years later, I’d propose with.

Among the words Kevin said to Blake when he proposed were: “I love you. Also, thanks for saving my life.”

The couple married in September 2016 and will be celebrating one year together. Among the blessings they will count is the day Blake unknowingly changed her own fate as well the future of her husband-to-be.

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6 months ago, following a whirlwind romance and engagement that puts any Sparks novel to shame, I tied my soul to KJ. Our decision to get married and brief engagement was met with raised eyebrows. To us, however, nothing could have been more clear. Life with my husband (still tickles me pink to say that word!) is an adventure- one marked with the incredible comfort of knowing that in all endevours I am with my best buddy. I end this post with two of my favorite quotes on love: "There will be a few times in your life when all your instincts will tell you to do something, something that defies logic, upsets your plans, and may seem crazy to others. When that happens, you do it. Listen to your instincts and ignore everything else. Ignore logic, ignore the odds, ignore the complications, and just go for it.” ― Judith McNaught "Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same.” ― Emily Brontë. Thanks to my lady at @pasagraphy for capturing the moment!

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As Blake told “Inside Edition”:

“I think it’s a true example of a force in the universe intervening and connecting us.”

She added: “I get goosebumps every single time I talk about it.”

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