Baltimore police have charged a male teen as an adult after he reportedly stabbed another student at a local high school Monday afternoon.

WBALTV11 reports that Baltimore City School officials say the altercation happened between students in a classroom at Patterson High School. Some time into the fight, one student reportedly pulled out a knife and stabbed the other.

The district released a statement that said:

“The school was placed on alert status to enable police to ensure the safety of all students and staff members. Providing safe, secure and positive climates for teaching and learning is City Schools’ top priority. Acts of violence will not be tolerated, and the student taken into custody will receive all appropriate consequences in accordance with both the district’s code of conduct and the law.”

The student with the knife was arrested following the incident. The victim of the stabbing was rushed to the hospital, but school officials have declined to offer an update on his condition.

Further, officials have not yet stated whether or not a teacher was present when the stabbing occurred.

An unidentified 12th-grader, who was in the school’s gym at the time of the incident, said:

“They said on the intercom that we was on lockdown. It was kind of crazy. It was, like, I was scared a little bit. I mean, I wasn’t scared, like, all the way, but I just was scared at the fact, like, it really happened.”

The sister of the student in custody told WBALTV11 that her brother was defending himself and was attacked by a number of students.

Marietta English, president of the Baltimore Teachers Union, also released a statement on Tuesday. It read:

The incident that occurred at Patterson High School on Monday is inexcusable. Violence of this nature, or of any nature, is completely unacceptable. It is extremely disturbing that in order to feel safe in the classroom, a child felt the need to bring a knife to school.

This horrible incident has several layers. It is important to note that the student who did this stabbing was being bullied. Violence should never be tolerated and neither should bullying. This brings attention to the critical need for increased investments to fully-staff our schools with social workers and psychologists to help deflate situations like this before escalate. Our goal as educators is working to create an environment where children feel safe at school, both mentally and physically.

The BTU’s School Safety Task Force is working to tackle issues of bullying and violence and present real solutions to these problems. We are putting measures in place to dispense the proper consequences for students who bring weapons to school and use them to inflict bodily harm on others.

We are deeply grateful to the educators and school staff for containing this situation in a quick manner.

According to Stop Bullying, 19 percent of U.S. high school students said they were bullied on school property within 12 months prior to the 2017 survey.

The site notes that victims of bullying often experience depression or anxiety, health complications, and academic failure.

In this case, the victim of the stabbing has denied claims of being a bully on his own alleged social media account.

Baltimore City Councilman Zeke Cohen told WBALTV:

“We want to make sure that children, teachers, staff have immediate access to counselors. We want to make sure that our buildings (are) as safe as humanly possible. There is no reason why someone should be able to walk into a school with a gun or a knife.”

The councilman is reportedly against a bill that would allow city school police officers to be armed, which the Baltimore City School Board voted in support of last month. However, he claims to be leading a council hearing in April about “school violence and crisis response,” WBAL11 reports.

Stop Bullying advises adults to talk to their children about bullying and to intervene immediately if they see it going on.

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4 Replies to “Teen Is Charged as an Adult After Stabbing Fellow Student at School. Family Says He Was Being Bullied”

  • Truly 2 years ago

    When you begin using common sense and staying on top of things these things would not take place, no need to. Allow bullying of any kind, all lives matter, it is not hard to nip this in the younger grades ….you don’t get to just sit back and ignore it!

  • C J 2 years ago

    It is horrible what happened. However, someone has lost freedom because the school failed to help. Another student was injured and could have lost his life because the school failed to help. No one should be bullied nor stabbed. Again its horrible what happened. Hold the school accountable as well…

  • Denise Rush 2 years ago

    My thing is why wasn’t anything done about this young man being bullied the whole entire school year???? This should have never happened now two different sets of parents of suffering behind this I’m sure of it …. not only the parents but the two young man as well

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