Doctors told Alice Edwards her teen daughter would never recover from a near-fatal car accident, but God had other plans said the mom.

Nada Edwards was left in a vegetative state for five months after a car smashed into the driver’s side of her vehicle in Chesapeake, Virginia.


Her family didn’t know if she was going to survive until “literally, God just flipped a switch and she was back,” said Alice.

The mom told KPLR, there’s no other way to describe her daughter’s miraculous health recovery. Alice said she beat the odds:

“Amazing just doesn’t begin to explain what we’ve been through.”


A year after waking up from a 5-month coma, Edwards was able to put on her cap and gown and accept her diploma with the rest of her classmates. Alice said of her daughter’s close encounter with death:

“They told me they didn’t think that she would wake up and if she did, she would be a vegetable and as a mom, you don’t accept that.”

After Nada was unconscious for five months after the crash, she woke up one day and told her mother she loved her.


With one miracle down, the teenager began the long recovery process of physical therapy and getting on track to graduate this month. Nada told the station:

“That’s always been my number one goal walk across the stage for graduation.”

With assistance from her walker, the Virginia teen walked across the stage to receive her diploma from Woodrow Wilson High School. She wrote on Facebook:

… The ‘doctors’ said there’s no chance I was gonna wake up but if I did I was gonna be in a ‘Vegetative state.’  Look at me now tho …”

Watch the video below:

As promised ? I walked the stage ?

Posted by To'Nasia Edwards on Saturday, June 15, 2019

Countless people congratulated the teen for reaching her goal. Portsmouth Public Schools Superintendent Elie Bracy III, PhD, told Yahoo:

“Her resilience, persistence and refusal to give up have been an inspiration not just to her classmates and school, but for the entire Portsmouth community.”

Nada plans to attend Norfolk State University in the fall.

Watch the video below:

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