The surveillance footage showed 16-year-old Jasmine Garcia going into the Walmart with her parents. But it didn’t show her leaving again.

As Fox 40 reports, the teen from Stockton, California, was shopping on Black Friday when she got separated from her family. Her mother, Carmen, searched the store several times that evening but could find no trace of her daughter.

Jasmine was last seen heading to the makeup counter. She had no phone, wallet, ID, or money with her and was wearing her pajamas.

When Carmen reported her daughter’s disappearance to the police, they found something disturbing on the store’s surveillance video. In the video below, she told Fox 40 what the police said about the security feed:

“He goes, ‘I’m just notifying you that it does show when you guys walk into the store, but it doesn’t show, at anytime, when she leaves.'”

The fact that her daughter was never recorded leaving the store only made Carmen more anxious about what might have happened. She told Fox 40:

“For them to say they didn’t see her come out, it just doesn’t make sense. How can you come in a store and not come out?”

With Jasmine now missing for several days, her family is asking the public for help. Because Jasmine briefly ran away once before, they’re concerned her disappearance is not being taken seriously. Cousin Mariza Ruelas told CBS 13 News:

“People are saying, ‘Did she run away?’ It’s not like she had time to plan it. You know, she didn’t even know she was going to the store that day. She doesn’t have a cellphone, it’s not like she could have contacted someone and said, ‘Hey, I’m going to be at the Walmart store, you know.'”

Carmen has been distributing fliers of her daughter in the same pajamas she was wearing when she disappeared. She wants her daughter to know that there are “a lot of people that love her” and are hoping to hear from her soon. She told Fox 40:

“I just want her to come home. I just want her to be OK.”

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