A young girl holding a sign at a busy intersection in Cape Coral, Florida sparked a debate about shaming as a form of discipline.

Local resident, Ashley Domonique Atty, said she was on her way home one day when she spotted a teenager at a median holding a sign that read, “I lied. I humiliated my mother and myself,” reports NBC 2.

Following the incident, Atty posted a video of the teen being forced to hold the sign as a form of severe punishment.

Watch the video below:

On our way home we witnessed parenting at its finest ??? “I lied. I humiliated myself & my mother”???? #lieagainlilgirl #mamadontplay*Update – I’m being interviewed by NBC2 over this* ????

Posted by Ashley Domonique Atty on Saturday, June 1, 2019

According to WKRG, the girl was reportedly standing at the corner of Veterans Parkway for at least two and a half hours on a hot day. Some eyewitnesses were concerned about the child’s safety.

One woman even called the police to report the incident.

And while the teen was fine and safe, some parents slammed the mom for the punishment.


Randy Miller, a local, told the station:

“That’s pretty drastic … the action she took to try to force some kind of correction on her…. and I doubt it has an effect … might shove her the other way you know?”

He added:

“You don’t place them in a dangerous spot like that in order to get some satisfaction out of what they did to you.”

A lot of people thought the idea was dangerous, but others on Facebook found the punishment to be fitting and sided with the mom. One person wrote:

Honestly, shaming works. I don’t know about y’all but I knew not to screw up like that because my mom would shame me and as teens, that’s the WORST.

According to Psychology Today, shaming a teen to change their behavior rarely ever works and can wound children long-term. Krystine I. Batcho, Ph.D. wrote:

Research has suggested that humiliation is especially damaging when inflicted by an attachment figure, such as a parent or primary caregiver.

What do you think about the punishment?

Watch the video below:

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