Jaylon Kerley knew he was being filmed spitting in a customer’s pizza. He just didn’t care.


As WJBK News reports, the 20-year-old food service employee worked at a Little Caesar’s stand at Comerica Park, home of the Detroit Tigers. On Friday, Kerley warned fellow co-worker Quinell May that he was going to spit in one of the pizzas — not to get even with a customer, but because of his issues with management. May told WJBK:

“He said it was because of his supervisor and he was all in all having a bad day. Those were his words.”

May, a 17-year-old high school student, was astonished when Kerley confessed that this wasn’t the first time he’d spit in a customer’s food. And when May took out his phone to record him, Kerley didn’t care.

May, however, was nauseated and concerned about the customers. He told WJBK, “I was disgusted. I was mad. I was flabbergasted actually, because who wants to see something like that, spitting in a customer’s pizza? I tried to contact management, they didn’t want to listen. They told me to shut up.”

When the managers wouldn’t listen to him, he went looking for a supervisor to complain to. Excusing himself to go to the bathroom, May tried to find someone in upper management, intending to show them the video. Instead, he got sent home from work for taking too long in the bathroom.

So May went home and posted the video on Instagram. That succeeded in getting management’s attention, but not in the way May hoped. In a series of texts shared with WXYZ News, May’s manager instructed him to take the video down.

May told WJBK he was fired and even threatened with prosecution if he didn’t remove his post: “I was like, prosecuted? What do you mean prosecuted? They should ready to prosecute him for spitting in pizzas, not me for showing the fans what goes on behind closed doors.”

Detroit Sportservice later released a statement to WXYZ, explaining that, “no one acting in an official work capacity,” asked May to remove the video.

In an additional statement to WJBK, they clarified that May had been sent home for a uniform violation and later suspended, but not fired: “When he was told to go home, he said absolutely nothing about food tampering or having any evidence of it on video.”

The company noted that they had disposed of any contaminated food: “As soon as we became aware through social media of potential food tampering, we immediately closed that food stand, disposed of all the product and contacted the Detroit Police Department.”

Kerley was fired from his job and charged with a felony food law violation. His bond was set at ten percent of $100,000 and he was ordered to undergo testing for infectious diseases, including hepatitis.

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One Reply to “Teen Films Ballpark Cook Spitting in Customer’s Food. He Gets Fired for Posting It on Instagram”

  • Pretty 2 years ago

    Ugh!! Nasty trash!! He needs to go to prison! After his dirty ass gets beat!!
    The facility needs to be sued by anyone that bought food on the days that trash worked. No one should buy food from there anymore!!

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