Bennett and Allgood

It was prom night, and Devin Bennett was all dressed up with nowhere to go.

As WFMY reports, the 17-year-old from Lexington, North Carolina was ready for her first prom. She had the dress, the photographer, and was waiting for her date … who canceled at the very last minute.

“I had a date but he kind of ditched me,” she explained to WFMY.

Bennett was disappointed but decided to go the prom alone. She got in the car and started to drive herself to the dance, but needed to stop for gas.

As she pulled up to a Sheetz and got ready to fill her tank, a woman came up to stop her. Bennett recalled the moment Sherry Allgood came up and explained that she shouldn’t have to pump her own gas in full prom regalia:

“This woman walked up and was like, ‘Honey! Why are you doing that?!’ She said, ‘You’re too pretty to be doing that. You don’t want to ruin your dress.'”

Allgood took over, all the while chatting with Bennett and complementing her prom dress.

Bennett told Fox 8 she was touched by the woman’s act of kindness:

“I was very surprised someone would help me do that because it’s not very often.”

Bennett later found out that her photographer had followed her and caught the moment on camera. She posted the photo to a local Facebook group, hoping to find Allgood and thank her for her help.

The image of Allgood helping the teen with her gas on prom night spread quickly, but Allgood told Fox 8 anyone else would do the same:

“In this community it could have been anybody, most people who would have pulled up on the pump beside her would have done the same thing, and I really think that’s what it was about it that everybody really liked.”

Allgood and Bennett were soon reunited, and Bennett was able to thank her and share photos from the prom. Bennett told WFMY that Allgood’s gesture helped save her night:

“It made my day because of the fact that I was going by myself and just having someone to help gave me a little more hope.”

The pair also received recognition from Sheetz, which rewarded Allgood’s act of kindness by giving both Bennett and Allgood gift cards good for a year’s worth of free gas. Allgood told WFMY:

“Good for her for being strong and going to the prom by herself and having a good time. It’s just nice to live in a community where we have businesses support people being nice to each other.”

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