Spell and Disotel

It wasn’t until Domeanna Spell had spent multiple weekends “babysitting” that her family realized it was a lie to cover-up a relationship with a man three times her age.

As KATC News reports, the 15-year-old from Port Barre Louisiana has been missing since the morning of March 28, when she got off the school bus and disappeared.

According to KLFY, Spell got off the bus at 7 a.m., but never showed up at school. Her parents were notified when the teen wasn’t in her homeroom class and police were contacted shortly thereafter.

Spell’s family and authorities both believe that the teen ran off with 47-year-old Cory Shane Disotell, with whom she had allegedly been carrying on an illicit relationship.

#MISSING!Domeanna was last seen March 28, 2019 in Port Barre, #Louisianna. She may be in the company of Cory Disotell….

Posted by National Center for Missing & Exploited Children on Sunday, March 31, 2019

Spell’s sister, Jerrie Cradeur, told KATC that Disotell had been a friend of her parents:

“He had become really good friends with my mom and dad. They even got a deer lease together because they were really close friends, and that’s how they knew him.”

As her sister explained to the Daily Advertiser, Spell had been spending entire weekends at Disotell’s home. The older man would pick up the teen on Friday evenings and return with her on Sundays. The pair told Spell’s family that the teen was babysitting, and she had the money to show for it.

However, as Cradeur told KATC, the babysitting story was a lie:

“Domeanna started babysitting for his granddaughter, and come to find out there was no granddaughter there for her to be babysitting.”

Eventually, the babysitting story fell apart and Disotell told Spell’s family about their relationship.

“He was in love with my sister. He wanted to marry her,” Cradeur told Inside Edition. She added that six months ago, Disotell confessed his matrimonial intentions to Spell’s parents and “everyone was pretty much hysterical.”

Spell’s parents banned Disotell from their home and ordered Spell to stay away from him. However, the two continued the clandestine relationship.

“She was having secret conversations through letters and a cellphone that no one knew she had until she was found with it,” Cradeur told KLFY.

When a neighbor’s surveillance camera caught a man sneaking over the back fence of their home and into Spell’s window, the teen’s parents called the police. That investigation was still ongoing when Spell and Disotell disappeared.

The case is not being treated as a kidnapping, as authorities believe Spell went with Disotell of her own free will. However, they are concerned about the teen’s safety. The FBI and U.S. Marshals Service have joined local agencies in the search for the missing teen.

Spell’s family fears the teen was manipulated and taken advantage of by the older man.

“He probably has her believing that she’s safe with him and that she’s madly in love with him,” Cradeur told KATC. “I do believe he did brainwash her. It was told to me that he is manipulative and he would have done it.”

Spell is approximately 5-feet-2 and 105 pounds, with blue-hazel eyes and long, light-brown hair. Authorities believe she may have changed her appearance to conceal her identity.

She and Disotell are believed to be traveling in a silver 2003 Honda Civic with Louisiana license plate 995CGK.

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