Christina McCarble last saw her 15-year-old daughter when she tucked her into bed over a week ago. The Houston mother is now living in constant fear, leaning on investigators to find her missing child, Isabella.

According to KHOU News, the McCarble family is now desperate to find their vivacious teen and have posted missing person flyers all over the west side of town near Isabella’s school, Memorial High School, where she attends as a sophomore.

Sadly, Christina doesn’t know whether she was taken or simply ran away, although it appears as if she’s leaning toward the former — especially after her daughter missed her school’s Homecoming. Christina told KHOU that Isabella would never miss the event. She showed reporters her daughter’s dress, saying:

“This was the dress she had for Homecoming.”

They live in a gated community, but Christina reportedly is afraid her daughter was “lured away by sex traffickers,” according to KHOU. Through tears, she said:

“I feel like somebody has her, I feel like she’s being held against her will.

I just want her to come home.”

Isabella’s phone is reportedly shut off, she doesn’t have a car, and there’s been no activity on her social media, per KHOU.

Now, investigators are following any lead they can in order to find Isabella as soon as possible. Their biggest lead thus far reportedly happens to be the girl’s new group of friends.

According to Brad Perkins of Your Eye Investigations, that group of friends is the warning sign her mother failed to notice, telling KHOU:

“She’s definitely been off the grid, she’s hanging out with some bad elements and people that are involved with prostitution, some sexting, drugs.”

In fact, community advocate Jennifer Hohman said that’s definitely a possibility, telling KHOU:

“These girls are being trafficked in different areas of the city.”

Hohman went on to tell the outlet she’s had personal experience rescuing several young girls from sex traffickers in the Houston area, and she said they’re being influenced in places parents would never suspect:

“All of them had recruiters in their schools, some in our large churches, they know what they are doing, they know who they’re targeting.”

Despite all the efforts into investigating her disappearance, officials have ruled that the girl left on her own accord, leaving Christina with much less aid in finding her. She told KHOU:

“Runaway or not, my child’s missing and she’s missing and she needs to be found.”

According to KHOU, Isabella was also seen at her high school on Thursday — two days after her mother tucked her into bed — but she reportedly never attended class that day.

If you have any pertinent information to Isabella’s whereabouts, please call the Houston Police at 713-884-3131 or Private Investigator Perkins at (832) 881-6754.

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