A teen is thanking everyone for their tremendous love and support after she was body-shamed by her church leader.

Thousands took to 19-year-old Jenna’s Twitter account to reassure the teen after she uploaded a video of a woman following her into a bathroom and chastising her for wearing shorts because she believed the teen was too “fat.”

In a now viral-video, Jenna was brought to tears when a woman told her that her outfit was inappropriate.

When the clip starts, the unnamed church leader of Swansboro United Methodist Baptist Church in North Carolina reportedly told Jenna she couldn’t wear jeans shorts onstage because of her size.

(Warning: Some viewers may find the language in the below video offensive.)

The woman speaking, who is seemingly talking to another church leader, says:

“She’s a chubby girl. She’s got a dress on that’s appropriate …”

When Jenna responds, “So you’re sitting here calling me fat?” The church leader says, “Oh, you don’t think you are?”

Humiliated, the teen from Swansboro, posted the footage to Twitter, writing:

This woman followed me into the bathroom and attacked me calling me fat and that I couldn’t wear jean shorts because I was too fat.

In a follow-up tweet, the 19-year-old explained that she was onstage singing and “praising God with other people” when she was allegedly pulled into the bathroom for her inappropriate fashion choice.

Jenna can be heard off-camera fighting back tears, telling the woman:

“I f***ing love who I am! Get the f**k out of my face.”

Following the incident, the teen received an outpouring of support from people all over the world, including celebrities Jameela Jamil and Tess Holliday.

The video has been viewed more than five million times.

The pastor of Swansboro United Methodist Church, G. Kevin Baker, apologized in a letter given to Yahoo:

It has come to our attention that great harm has been done in an incident that occurred this past Sunday where a faithful and very gifted young lady and worship leader was body shaming for her appearance. We are shocked and saddened by this act. The Church is supposed to be a place of safety, love and acceptance.

Jenna has since posted an update on Twitter and said the woman in the video is receiving terrible harassment.

She asked her supporters to stop bullying, adding that the woman is no longer serving as a leader in the church.

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2 Replies to “People Flood Teen With Support After She’s Body-Shamed by Church Leader Who Said She’s ‘Too Fat’ to Wear Shorts”

  • Teresa Morehouse 2 years ago

    You go girl! I have been body shamed my whole life. My heart goes out to you. You are a beautiful young lady. Haters gotta hate, but we don’t have to react. That is where their power lies. The fact that she was a church leader should have told her something. Support not condemn!

  • Patricia Hendrickson 2 years ago

    A supposed church leader does not have the right to treat this young lady like that. ?Harassment ?

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