David and Kinsley

At first, David and Megan Green thought their daughter’s personality change was due to the fact she was teething.

As Fox News reports, David is a teacher and football coach at Mae Jemison High School in Huntsville, Alabama. He and Megan are the proud parents of 16-month-old Kinsley.

When their daughter was about 11 months old, David and Megan noticed that her personality had changed. David told AL.com that they knew immediately that something was wrong but assumed that it was a virus or caused by teething discomfort. It took multiple trips to the doctor to get to the truth:

“It wasn’t until the fourth trip to the pediatrician that we were sent to Huntsville Hospital and finally got answers,” David said.

That’s when they learned that Kinsley had acute lymphoblastic B-cell leukemia. Their baby began getting chemotherapy treatments in Birmingham, and David tried his best to be there for her. He told AL.com:

“Kinsley is getting a lot of the same chemo that adults get because, unfortunately, there aren’t many chemo drugs specifically for children, much less infants and young toddlers. Because of this she has had quite a few complications and it is important for me to be there for my family.”

Megan was able to take leave from work to be with their daughter, but David rapidly used up all the sick days he had available. That’s when Megan decided to appeal to her husband’s fellow educators for help. She shared the dilemma on Facebook, writing:

David is officially out of sick days at work. We want him to continue to be able to be with us at the hospital while Kinsley is getting Chemotherapy so if you are a teacher in the State of Alabama and are in a position to donate a sick day we would greatly appreciate it! Kinsley is the biggest daddy’s girl and needs him to be here as often as he can, so she would be so thankful for any donated days so she can spend time with her Daddy.

After Megan’s plea was shared online, the family was overwhelmed with offers of help.

David is officially out of sick days at work. We want him to continue to be able to be with us at the hospital while…

Posted by Megan Saindon Green on Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Teachers in the school district came together to get David his days … and then some.

“You know, you want to send words of encouragement, you want to do something to help, but this was a real physical way that we could help him and his family,” one elementary school teacher told WHNT.

“My momma always told us, you don’t have to be right to bless someone. So, I felt like that was a blessing to him,” added an assistant principal who is currently going through chemotherapy for breast cancer. She donated two sick days, telling WHNT, “If I had more to give I would give him more.”

For those unable to donate sick days, the family also has a GoFundMe page to help with expenses.

In all, David received more than 100 donated sick days. He only needed 40, but this means he will be able to take all the time he needs to help his family.

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