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Teachers Upset After Co-Worker Gets Suspended for Asking Students to Tell Their Parents About Cold Classroom

Teachers Upset After Co-Worker Gets Suspended for Asking Students to Tell Their Parents About Cold Classroom

A Michigan teacher is back in the classroom after a three-day suspension, but her coworkers said she shouldn’t have gotten into trouble in the first place.

During a lesson, Mary Logan wrote a note and projected it onto a wall at Taylor High School after her students kept complaining about how cold it was in their classroom, reports The News-Herald.

She wrote:

It’s 58 degrees in here.

No heat.

Call your parents. Tell them to call the board office if you are cold.

Teacher suspended after encouraging students to tell parents about 58-degree temperatures in classroomAll Mary Logan’s…

Posted by Candace Gray on Friday, March 8, 2019

Troubled parents began to flood Taylor administrators with concerns about the school’s heat issues. The chilly 58-degree temperatures inside the classrooms violated the building contract code, reports Yahoo.

According to WDIV, the temperature inside Taylor High School should at least be 60 degrees or higher. Anything below this means school officials would need to remove students.

Yet, Logan was reprimanded for encouraging her kids to tell their parents about the situation.


Superintendent Benjamin Williams said the open design of the building might be causing some of the heat problems. Williams explained:

 “While we have an air vent into every classroom that provides heat or air conditioning, we may not have optimized return air out of there. So some rooms might be warmer, some rooms might be colder.”

Williams would not comment specifically on the suspended teacher.

However, Linda Moore, president of Taylor Federation of Teachers, said outrage at Taylor is building amongst teachers following the incident.

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Moore told the Herald :

“Our teachers are just irate that they’re disciplining a teacher over something she has no control over. That’s really the bottom line — that she does have freedom of speech.”

She further explained her frustrations to Yahoo:

“They really didn’t notify parents, and for us it’s simple. We send a letter home to parents telling them here’s the issue and here’s how we’re working to fix it. Our biggest problem is that this teacher was advocating for kids.”

Logan has since returned to work but declined to comment on the incident.

For now, while the district continues to work on the building’s ventilation problem, space heaters have been placed in the cold classrooms.

Watch the video below:

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  • The heating problem was a known problem caused by the architectural structure of the building (probably to create an open airy appearance ) which is hard to keep evenly warm. I am guessing no one complained enough about the heat until this reaction. Hopefully they solve the heat problem with more than use of space heaters which are both temporary and very dangerous for long term use.

  • It’s mighty hard to concentrate or study when you have to stay bundled up in your outside coats , etc. Just being COLD , doesn’t allow you to work at your best. Those little fingers are too cold to hold those pencils correctly.

    A teacher being suspended was obviously a very poor administrative decision.

    • Eunice, I agree 100%. I know when I’m working and it’s so cold to the point my hands are freezing, it’s hard to type, much less write with my cold fingers. I’m a mother of 4 and those poor children should not have been subjected to those temperatures day after day!!! I wonder how many of them ended up sick as a result…. The school administration was absolutely wrong in suspending the teacher for no reason at all. Whoever made the decision to suspend the teacher should themselves be suspended!

  • This teacher was advocating for the kids. Someone ratted on her. I’d be willing to bet it was a parent. There’s one in every group.
    These parents should have been raising holy hell over this teacher’s suspension.

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