It wasn’t the first time the teacher had thrown something in class, but this time she ended up the subject of a police investigation and in the crosshairs of an angry mom.

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As KPTV News reports, 12-year-old Tegan DeRosia was slow to put away his iPad in his homeroom class at Fowler Middle School in Tigard, Oregon. That’s when his teacher, frustrated that the students were so slow to shut down the tablets, threw a marker across the room and hit Tegan.

Tegan took a photo of the welt he says was caused by the marker and texted it to his mother, then reported the incident to the principal. Mom Caitlyn DeRosia told KPTV she was shocked that the teacher would have injured her son:

“I was like, ‘Oh my gosh! He got hit. It was like he got pelted by a marker!'”

And it wasn’t the only time the teacher threw a writing utensil in class. Caitlyn told KPTV the complaint from her son has prompted other students to reveal that the marker-tossing wasn’t unusual:

“Now the problem is there are a lot of other students coming out with similar stories from being in her class. So I’m glad he’s made us aware of everything.”

When questioned by the principal, the teacher clarified that she hadn’t intended to hit Tegan. She’d thrown the marker as a joke and wasn’t aiming at her student.

But Caitlyn DeRosia isn’t laughing. She reported the incident to local law enforcement, who investigated and decided the incident lacked criminal intent.

While the police are unlikely to press charges against the teacher, the school district has placed her on leave. A spokeswoman for the school district told KPTV in a statement:

We are completing the procedures that are part of our district’s investigation process and have not yet reached final resolution. The teacher, however, has been out of the classroom since we learned of this incident.

As news of the teacher’s actions spread, a debate began between those who agreed that the teacher should be disciplined and those who thought the parent was overreacting.

On KPTV’s Facebook page, some said that the teacher’s actions were harmless and likely indicated a difficult classroom and oversensitive children. Many even laughingly shared their childhood stories about teachers throwing erasers, music stands, folding chairs, and the like.

While others said the teacher’s marker-tossing constituted unacceptable behavior.

The teacher’s fate remains unknown while the school district pursues its investigation. However, Caitlyn believes the teacher’s actions foster violence and intimidation in the classroom. As she told KPTV:

“I send my son to school expecting him to be safe and come home having a good day, with everything he needs and he comes home like this. It’s disheartening.”

Watch KPTV’s interview with the mom below:

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