Teachers often go above and beyond their classroom duties, and that is exactly what Steve Culbert of Davidson, Michigan, did.

As ABC News reports, the teacher escorted two of his former second-grade students to a daddy-daughter dance after the tragic loss of their father.

Alivia Reece, 7, and Avery Reece, 8, joined Culbert and his own two daughters, Aliyah Culbert, 6, and Hailey Culbert, 8 for a fun-filled evening and the dance. He said:

“My daughters were excited to take their friends with us. I wanted to make it as big of [a] night as possible for these girls.”

Posted by Steve Culbert on Saturday, October 13, 2018

After visiting the girls’ dad in the hospital before he passed, he knew it wasn’t looking too good. His wife encouraged him to take the girls to the dance:

“I had gone up to the hospital to visit and even talking to mom — I knew the outlook wasn’t so good with dad. The dad-daughter dance was coming up. My wife and I talked and she said, ‘You need to take them.'”

Luke Reece, Alivia and Avery’s dad, was only 32 years old when he died last month after a blood condition put him in cardiac arrest.

Culbert pulled out all the stops, as he surprised the girls with a stretch limo and a day full of beauty. Community members also pitched in and bought dresses for the girls so all four of them could match in their favorite colors.

“I wanted to make it as big of night as possible for these girls.”

Posted by Steve Culbert on Saturday, October 13, 2018

Luke Reese was an organ donor, and to remember him and highlight his decision as an organ donor, the girls released balloons with the hashtag #BeLikeLuke written on them. Culbert said the girls ended the fun evening with ice cream. 

The girls’ mother, Shelley Reece, said she was thrilled and grateful that Culbert took her daughters to the dance. She said their dad looked forward to the special moment with the girls:

“I am forever grateful. Having Avery come home that evening and tell me Mr. Culbert brought her smile back was all a mother could ask for.”

Culbert said the moment was special and that he hopes to help set up a college fund for the girls one day.

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