A third-grade teacher has gained quite a bit of attention after sharing a video of her students singing a classroom remix of a popular country song.

Jasmine Merlette, as named on Instagram, posted the energetic video on Wednesday of her students singing their own version of the tune “Old Town Road.”

“Old Town Road” is a popular, yet slightly controversial, country song by an artist named Lil Nas X.

The song gained quite a bit of attention after country icon Billy Ray Cyrus joined the track for an official remix.

However, Merlette and her students came up with their own remix–– specifically for math class.

The classroom jingle has a motivated-to-learn theme. Through the new lyrics, students express their confidence in tackling math problems.

They sang:

“I’m gonna ace my test, I’m gonna raise my score,

I’m going to solve until I can’t no more…

School is my task, I can do this math…”

The video has gained thousands of views on the teacher’s Instagram profile and amassed over two million views on Twitter.

Among the viewers is the original artist himself, Lil Nas X, who expressed his love for Merlette’s creativity.

He tweeted:

I’m cheesing hard as hell watching this. this beautiful lol

As a result of the reply, Merlette took a screenshot of X’s tweet and shared it on her Instagram.

Further, in her caption, the teacher expressed her amazement at the singer’s reaction.

She added that her students will be just as excited when they hear the news.

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