Lauren Miranda, 25, was praised as a “highly effective teacher” in her role at Bellport Middle School in New York.

But now, she’s out of a job after a topless photo of her got into the hands of students, PIX11 reports.

The photo was taken in her bedroom three years ago, Miranda said. She sent the photo to a boyfriend, who also worked for the school at the time.

She has no idea how the photo got into a male student’s hands in January:

“That picture was never posted. How it got out is the million dollar question.”

Miranda was placed on home assignment when school staff became aware of the photo. She was questioned by the entire school board about the photograph, according to her attorney, John Ray:

“They displayed in full color, with all the men in the room sitting there, her photograph and said- ‘ha! This is the picture.'”

And last week, she was fired from the school. Miranda was told she was no longer a “role model” for students.

She told ABC7:

“What message is that saying to the girls who have their photos airdropped all over the high school and sent all over?

What message are we sending to them? To roll over when your picture gets exposed without your permission or consent? So how am I now not being a role model to them?”

Miranda said the principal told her she couldn’t teach in front of male students who could “pull out their phone and look at this image.”

She was up for tenure in June and had solid performance reviews before her firing.

Now, she’s going to file a $3 million lawsuit against the school district on the basis of gender discrimination if she is not given her job back. Her lawyer told ABC7:

“Anytime a man has ever exposed his chest, no one has ever commented or had any problem with it whatsoever. But when a woman displays her chest, as happened here, she gets fired from her job.”

The school district has yet to publicly respond to the lawsuit.

Watch the video below:

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2 Replies to “Teacher Is Threatening Lawsuit After She Was Fired for Topless Photo That Got Leaked to Students”

  • James Colter 1 year ago

    I hope she wins, all 3 million.

  • truly 1 year ago

    at first I thought she was crazy yet she is correct, she had no control where it went, it was intended for one person, I bet now she will not do that type of thing, hindsight is 20/20 what about the student who somehow got the picture? Did he steal it? and how about him distributing porn? He clearly is old enough to know what he did was wrong!!! The male teacher should have been a gentleman and deleted it…. glad it’s an ex… I think she is a victim of this generation, yet has learned a very tough lesson, so NOW she is to be made an example of when it was the two men, the other teacher and the male student who did the wrong thing….I think she will win… and how dare the teachers with or without males in the room get to see that picture and be delighted like a third grader having whoopie pies for breakfast?!!!

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