Alabama elementary school teacher Price Lawrence was devastated when he lost his father-in-law.

And when he went in to teach his sixth-grade class at Highland Elementary on Tuesday, his attentive students couldn’t help but notice he was feeling a bit blue, WHNT reports.

Lawrence wrote on Facebook:

This morning, during first period, my kids could tell that I was a little off. When they asked why I wasn’t acting normal I explained to them that my wife’s father had passed away this weekend and that I was worried about her. They all said they were sorry and then we got started on our work.

As the class period came to an end, Lawrence said he received well-wishes from his students. And then one girl stopped for a moment.

Price Lawrence/Facebook

He wrote on Facebook:

They all said they were sorry and then we got started on our work. While standing at my door giving hugs and high fives at dismissal to 2nd period one little girl put something in my hand. She told me “This is for your wife. I know it was real expensive when my daddy died and I don’t really want ice cream today anyways.”

It was a note labeled “Ms. La[w]rence, I’m sorry.” Attached were three quarters for the teacher, the entirety of the little girl’s ice cream money.

She wanted to help her beloved teacher pay for funeral expenses.

Price Lawrence/Facebook

Lawrence was so moved by the gesture that he posted a photo of the note to Facebook, CBS 13 reports. But he never expected that thousands would be touched by the little girl’s kindness.

His post quickly gained attention on social media and has garnered more than 200,000 shares on Facebook.

Now, thousands are hearing Lawrence’s own message loud and clear. He wrote:

I wish the world would pay more attention to children. We could learn a lot from them.

And at the end of the day, it seems like many people will learn from the young girl’s giving nature.

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