Jamie Devenport-Tull was a kindergarten teacher preparing to transfer to a different school as the new school year approached when she went missing on July 17.

According to Fox 40, Devenport-Tull’s wrecked car was found in her native Modesto, California, with several drawings and papers nearby. The teacher was nowhere to be found.

She was described as a white woman, standing about five feet eight inches tall with brown hair and blue eyes.

Her father, Jim Devenport, told the media that he was worried about his daughter’s well-being, adding that she suffers from bipolar disorder but hadn’t been taking her medication for the last six months.

According to Fox 40:

Devenport-Tull was taken against her will about 10 years ago in Southern California. Three years after she had returned she was diagnosed as bipolar, prescribed medication and was considered high functioning until she stopped taking her medication.

According to the woman’s father, a pastor and his wife told the married teacher that the medication used to treat her disorder would bring out her demons.

Her parents, her husband, and volunteers searched for the kindergarten teacher, offering a $100,000 reward to whoever found the beloved woman.

On Friday, August 4, Devenport-Tull’s family finally had their prayers answered — the teacher was found. According to Tribune Media Wire, two ranchers and a search and rescue volunteer spotted her lying near a water trough where cattle drink, about a half a mile from where her car was found three weeks earlier.

She had possession of her cell phone.

Reports say that the search intensity would have been decreased had she not been found that day. Her step-cousin Lynn Garber described the emotional moment:

“We saw her moving and we said, ‘It looks like she’s alive,’ and she says, ‘I’m alive.'”

Merced County Sheriff Vern Warnke revealed that when he arrived at the scene, all that Devenport-Tull wanted was food and water so she could continue her 60-mile journey to Yosemite:

“I don’t think she had any insight or desire to be found. She was just trying to get to Yosemite.”

But she couldn’t move as a result of how badly she was sunburned.

Devenport-Tull was flown to a hospital in Fresno, California, and treated for severe dehydration.

Sheriff Warnke said the woman was dealing with some emotional issues.

“We’ll let the family work through that,” he said.

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