The trust a parent gives his or her child’s teacher every single day is enormous — and for good reason. Not only are parents leaving the well-being of their child with a total stranger in most cases, but they’re also leaving their child’s education, social development, and much of their child’s moral compass up to the teacher’s judgment.

And for the parents of children with special needs, that trust intensifies even more.

In a Facebook survey by The Mighty, an anonymous special education teacher said his or her fellow teachers are, more than most, fighting just as hard for the child’s needs:

“Parents feel like they often have to fight the system to make sure their child gets what they deserve. We are on your side! We want what’s best for them, too.”

But for one Connecticut high school, that trust has been breached.

On June 9, the principal of Central High School in Bridgeport contacted the police.

A special education teacher, 31-year-old Laura Ramos, had allegedly been sexually assaulting one of her male students.

Bridgeport Police Department

According to People, a male student approached another teacher and said that over text messages, Ramos divulged her sexual relationship with one of her students — whom she referred to as “her guy” — but that he no longer wanted to have sex anymore.

The student believed that the “her guy” Ramos referred to was the victim, whom the student described as always “making eyes at each other, like flirting.”

The teacher quickly took that student’s information to the principal, and it wasn’t long before police opened an investigation.

By June 12, police confronted Ramos, a wife and mother. However, she denied the allegations.

But in a later follow-up interview, Ramos admitted to having sex with her 18-year-old student with special needs from December up until April, most frequently doing so inside her car.

Google Maps

People also reported that on Wednesday, the school’s superintendent, Aresta Johnson, announced that Ramos had resigned “in lieu of … termination proceedings.”

But the day before, on Tuesday, Ramos turned herself in to Bridgeport police after a warrant for her arrest was issued; she was charged with second-degree sexual assault.

Ramos was soon released from jail after posting the $50,000 bail. Her arraignment is set for sometime next month, and, if convicted, she faces up to 10 years in prison.

Her attorney released a statement saying he looked forward to obtaining the evidence and that Ramos “is cloaked in the presumption of innocence.”

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