An 11th-grade student at Rockdale Career Academy in Georgia claims he was the target of a physics teacher’s verbal threat. Now, that teacher is facing repercussions as a result.

The student’s mother, April Carr, filed a report with the Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office after watching a video that allegedly captured the shocking words that came flying out of the teacher’s mouth, according to Fox 5 in Atlanta.

The teacher, Paul Hagen, reportedly told her son:

“I’m serious, dude. If you screw with me, you’re going to get in big [expletive] trouble. Don’t smile at me, man. That’s how people like you get shot. I got a bet. I bet, by the time you’re 21, somebody is going to put a bullet in your head. OK? And it might be me…the one who does it.”

The mother was shocked by the threats made towards her son’s life in the classroom:

“It sets an overall tone that is totally unacceptable. I’m upset, hurt and confused.”

Carr told Fox 5 her son admitted to her that he was laughing during the teacher’s physics class, which might have caused Hagen’s alleged outburst.

According to Fox 5, the mom said:

“He definitely should have been paying attention, getting his lesson … and doing what he was supposed to be doing.”

Carr conceded that Hagen is the grown-up in the classroom, but she did not feel that laughter was enough of a reason to trigger the teacher’s cruel words:

“But at the end of the day, he is a child and that teacher is an adult. He is supposed to maintain control of that classroom and of himself … if you are frustrated, pull him out the class or wait until another class period. Let yourself calm down then pull him to the side and talk to him. You don’t threaten his life.”

Following the incident, Hagen was placed on administrative leave. He has apologized to Carr and her son, but it’s not enough — the mother wants to see Hagen permanently lose his job.

A school spokesperson said the investigation into the alleged verbal threat is still underway.

See the mother describe watching the video below.

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