A Pennsylvania teacher was allegedly fired from a Catholic high school after revealing that she was pregnant out of wedlock.

As AOL reports, Naiad Raiche, 31, and her long-term boyfriend, Matt Graboski, recently made the decision to have a child together despite having no immediate plans to tie the knot.

Allegedly, Raiche reported the news to Our Lady of Lourdes Regional School, where she had been teaching for about two years.

She says that the school administrator, Sister Mary Anne Bednar, told her that the pregnancy “would be a problem” that she would need to “contact the diocese” about.

Raiche told WNEP:

“It was very apparent that she was not happy with the circumstances. Of course, her problem was Catholic morals.”

Nearly a week later, Raiche had to make a decision. She either had to marry or give up her job. According to WNEP, Reich lost her job last Friday.

A spokesperson from the Diocese of Harrisburg reportedly said:

“The Diocese of Harrisburg is unable to comment on personnel matters. However, as outlined in our policies, every professional employee agrees to follow the teachings, doctrine, and laws of the Catholic Church as part of the hiring process.”

WNEP spoke with other parents on the issue who felt the termination was uncalled for.

Ashley Stroh of Coal Township, Pennsylvania, said:

“I get their reasoning behind it and why they have to, but I don’t agree with it. I don’t think it was very nice to do.”

Despite her termination, Reich and her boyfriend aren’t angry with the school or the diocese.

As WNEP reports, Reich says that although she doesn’t agree, she understands that the decision was based on their “moral code.”

However, she is reportedly planning to seek legal counsel regarding her termination.

As AOL reports, the teacher feels like she is a modern version of the “Scarlet Letter” without the affair.

The soon-to-be mom is expecting to deliver her baby in June 2019. She says misses her students “more than I think they can ever understand.”

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11 Replies to “Teacher at a Catholic High School Claims She Was Fired for Getting Pregnant Out of Wedlock”

  • Katie McDonald 2 years ago

    Every Catholic School teacher signs a contact including a morals clause. You have to set a good example for students. Of course this is inconsistent with how the Church deals with our immoral priests and bishops, but, still, it is part of the contract, which this woman knew about long before her decision to get pregnant.

  • Sally Gilmore 2 years ago

    I am praying for their future and their child Some day this Church will realize they are not the LAST WORD!!

  • B. L. 2 years ago

    I was raised a strict Catholic and left. It’s all about guilt, shame and control. A baby is a baby and should be celebrated regardless of the parents marital status. One way to reduce the number of abortions is to stop criminalizing pregnancy and sex itself. Afterall, we are all here because two people had sexual intercourse. Duh! Think about how women were kicked out of high school and the church because of an un-wed pregnancy. No wonder women have sought abortions even when they didn’t want to abort. Religion is the number one cause of abortion. Think about the Magdelene Laundries where pregnant girls were in forced catholic labor camps. Only then to have their precious newborns ripped from them and given away. Then of course there’s the priest sex abuse scandal. I mean really! But the Catholic School is concerned about a devoted teacher having a baby but not the marriage? Good for her. Hope she sues the living daylights out of them.

    • Anonymous 2 years ago

      I’m not Catholic and a baby IS a baby. But the problem with society is the Free sex everyone is having. No consequences. Maybe people should wait until they find the right one. But don’t be a Catholic teacher if you don’t agree with the religion. It’s that easy.

  • Kim S 2 years ago

    So, let me get this straight…. Girl becomes a teacher and gets hired at a Catholic School and signs a contract with a morals clause. Article didn’t say she was a “bad” teacher, so I’m assuming she is a good teacher who loves her students and they love her. She becomes pregnant by a long time partner and instead of abortion, they choose to raise this child. Because of the decision to be responsible human beings and care for their bundle of joy, she is fired from the job she loves. The Catholic Church should feel real proud of themselves. She was damned if she did and damned if she didn’t. I personally hope she sues for every penny she can get. At least take the edge off of being pregnant and unemployed.

    • Anonymous 2 years ago

      She taught at a Catholic school with a morals clause, that she agreed to. She agreed to those terms, she wasn’t forced to sign them. What kind of example would the school be setting if they allow students/employees to go against their values???? A friend of mine’s daughter attended a catholic school and became pregnant from her boyfriend (who also attended the same school). Both were kicked out, as they rightly should have been. All the teacher had to do was get married, as the Catholic church states. I don’t see how she can sue. She knew the rules and morals of the school. It will be a frivolous lawsuit and a waste of the court’s time and resources.

  • Sharon 2 years ago

    I’d rather have a good pregnant single teacher than a bad spinster one. Was raised as a Catholic and 12 years of Catholic school the rules they want to enforce are their rules not God’s rules so no I don’t think she should have been fired and I would definitely seek legal advice. The disgusting priests abuse children and get away with it but a couple in a committed relationship doing what God wanted us to do-be fruitful and multiply-gets the shaft! Not right…

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    You are all so dang wrong. It is a CATHOLIC school. Get over it! They don’t need to change their moral values for society. The priests do wrong and they get prosecuted. A teacher does wrong and she gets fired. Everything is spelled out ahead of time. So get over it!

  • Grandmama 2 years ago

    Seems to me I heard about a very young woman who became pregnant. She was unmarried. She and her fiancé welcomed a son, born far from home, wrapped him in swaddling cloths, and laid him in a manger, for there was no room for them in the inn. Do you suppose she, too, would have been canned by the Roman Catholics?

  • Sandra 2 years ago

    My niece was fired because she got a divorce. She knew what she was getting into when she signed a contract and a morals clause when she was hired. She was unhappy in her marriage, hit a divorce, got a job in a public school. No whining no ”poor, poor pitiful me”. No sympathy here for the whiner. Why didn’t she immediately get married? May have saved her job. If you day she wasn’t ready to get married then she shouldn’t have gotten pregnant. There are many birth control options. Of course there are those who will say ”but sometimes they fail” that’s true. There is one sure way not to get pregnant. Keep your legs together for women and keep it in your pants for men.
    What makes her think she is so special that the rules don’t apply to her? If that is her attitude then she takes no responsibility for anything she does. I personally don’t want my children to be taught that. Take responsibility for your actions.
    Go to work for a public school and quit whining

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