Teacher Placed on Leave After an 11-Year-Old Student Accused Him of Ripping 3 of Her Braids Out


Last week, an outraged mom said she got a phone call from her daughter saying she was attacked by a teacher who was the acting principal at the time.

Mikiea Price went to the 11-year-old’s school to see what was going on and found the girl crying and holding three braids that had been pulled from her head.

The middle schooler at Whitehorse Middle School claims a teacher ripped out her hair. Price told Madison365:

“[She was] crying and her lip was cracked, bleeding and she handed me three of her braids that were pulled out from her scalp.”

The young girl said the situation stemmed from getting in trouble for spraying fragrance in class — the teacher of the class was sensitive to the scent because of allergies.


A spokesperson for the family described the student’s account of the incident. Pastor Marcus Allen told Yahoo that Price’s daughter was asked to come into the hallway by acting principal Rob Mueller-Owens. Allen explained:

“The teacher asked who sprayed it and the class didn’t answer, so she asked [Mueller-Owens] to come in, and he targeted this one girl.”

The administrator was caught on security video pushing the student out of the class and threw the girl into a row of lockers — somehow he and the girl fell to the ground.

It’s unclear how the girl’s braids were pulled out, but she has two bald spots on her head.

Price told WISC-TV:

“Just the whole experience is just traumatic and devastating and just confusing.

I’m just disgusted at this whole incident. You know I send my kid to school to learn, and that’s a place where mothers send their kids to be comfortable in. I just feel violated in so many ways that … this even happened to her.”

Price says that her daughter is afraid to go back to school.


Madison Police Department spokesman Joel DeSpain said the incident is still being investigated. DeSpain said:

“We know there is a parent involved who is making a lot of claims as to what transpired, and we of course are checking out those claims and any other facts that we can glean so we can come to a conclusion.”

The district is planning to release the video to the public once the police investigation is completed. In the meantime, the accused administrator won’t return to the school.

The Madison Metropolitan School District said it takes a “situation of this nature very seriously.”

Mueller-Owens did not respond to Madison365’s request for comment.

Watch the video below: 

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  1. If the girl did spray fragrance in the classroom and the teacher was allergic to it, then this something the girl needs to be made aware of and to apologize to the teacher. It is not professional what the principal did, but as a person who is deathly allergic to some airborne allergens and I always have to carry an inhaler, the students need to be made aware that not everyone likes the fragrance others are wearing and can be allergic to them so no students should be spraying fragrances in a classroom, hallway, bathroom, library, gym, locker room, etc. at a school.

  2. Just “not professional” huh? If that were my kid, that teacher would be drinking the damn cologne. There is absolutely no excuse for treating a child like that.

  3. The child shouldn’t have had her hair ripped out or treatwd that way. That being said I doubt she is innocent and has probably been making trouble for some time.

  4. What the principal is not ok but the child needs to know that if that teacher went to the hospital because of her spraying the fragrance than that teacher can press assault charges on her.

  5. She has “probably been making trouble for some time”?? Based on what? Do you personally know this kid? How outrageous to judge her like that.

  6. Alice how dense are you? How, where, when , why, what reasoning deduced you to make a blanket statement!? To what purpose? You made a baseless statement on someone you know nothing about? I bet your kids are trouble makers adn you defend their bad and inappropriate behavior?!

  7. Actually LB the bathroom is the preferred place to make use of fragrances. Classrooms or hallways I agree off limits but there 100’s of kids/staff/faculty with various allergies but you can’t limit everyone on every little thing. Why should the allergy free suffer because of those with allergies? I have allergies but it is my responsibility to be cognizant of my environment.

  8. hmmm, if a teacher is THAT allergic to that kind of stuff, then working in a class room full of kinds is the WRONG place to work.. second, pulling that child hair out is NOT acceptable of any adult no matter the profession, but as a teacher??? shame on you.

  9. My biggest nightmare is walking through Macy’s because I have to go through the fragrance department. The pounding headache that comes with it I wouldn’t wish on anyone. With that said this is an 11 year old who was physically attacked by an adult.This acting principle probably shouldn’t be working with children.
    I think the teachable moment here would have been for the teacher to open the windows and talk about personal space, the use of perfumes in an enclosed area and how when you are wearing perfume/cologne it is not meant to be smelt by everyone in a 30 foot radius.

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