Taylor Swift has kept a relatively low profile on social media lately, and now we may know why.

According to CNN, the “Shake It Off” artist will make an appearance in court to testify on an alleged sexual assault that happened in 2013.


Documents obtained by the news network describe an incident between a 23-year-old Swift and disc jockey David Mueller. Swift claims that while she was backstage after one of her concerts Muller, who also goes by Jackson, “put his hand under [her] dress and grabbed [her] bare a**.”

Swift maintains that her radio promotions director Frank Bell alerted Mueller’s employer, KYGO radio, about the encounter. According to the report, KYGO fired the DJ for violating a “morality clause” as a result of his interactions with Swift.


A statement from Swift’s team explained it further:

KYGO fired Mueller for violating the morality clause of his contract after it independently determined that he had lied about the incident, changed his story, and inappropriately touched Ms. Swift. Mueller never sued KYGO for breach of his employment contract.

Mueller is attempting to strike back at Swift after his termination, alleging he was falsely accused of violating the pop star. But some of his previous attempts have been thwarted.

Back in May, a judge threw out the entertainer’s claim of slander against the “Blank Space” artist.

He’ll try his hand in court once more in Denver on August 7, CNN reported.

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