Star of HGTV’s “Flip or Flop,” Tarek El Moussa, is sick of all the rumors after his ex-wife and mother of his two children, Christina El Moussa, got remarried.

As Dearly previously reported, Christina and her new husband, Ant Anstead, wed in a secret ceremony on December 22 at their Malibu surrounded by family and friends.

Their two children, as well as Anstead’s two children, were very much a part of the wedding and seemed overjoyed to become one big blended family.

However, tabloids went wild when it came to rumors about how Tarek was feeling about Christina’s new marriage.

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According to Tarek himself, some of the articles called the realtor “devastated” and even “depressed” over his ex-wife’s relationship.

However, in the minute-long rant, he posted to his Instagram story, that’s not the case at all.

In fact, Tarek admits he’s happy Christina has found love again:

“Hey everybody, hope you’re having a great day. So I’m just gonna come by here, say some stuff that I was told not to of course because of the PR stuff, but here it is. First time I’ve spoken about this, Christina got married, yes. I’m actually happy for her. I think it’s a great thing, I think they get along well and most importantly it’s good for my children.

And I’ve been reading some articles today saying I’m devastated and depressed, I’m just so tired of the media’s bullsh*t. I’m not, I’m happy, like my life is amazing. I have amazing friends, I love my babies, my family’s great. And I’m just ranting right now, but I just want everybody to know that I’m doing fantastic and I’m super happy and I’m positive and I’m glad that she found someone.”

He even went as far as to say Christina and Ant’s relationship is exactly what their children need:

“It’s a good thing, It’s a positive thing. I’m not the type that wants to fight with her for the rest of my life and make my kids miserable. The truth is everything we do is about the kids and at the end of the day, my kids are going to have a stable household and she’s gonna have help and that’s exactly they need. So I want to let everybody know that I’m not devastated, I’m not heartbroken, I’m not obsessed, I’m actually really happy for her and I’m happy for Ant, but most importantly I’m happy for my kids because, guess what, they’re going to have a nice stable household and really at the end of the day it’s all about them and I’m just very, very happy.”

In conclusion, Tarek asked the tabloids to stop writing false articles about him because he is one “happy SOB.”

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