Just like his ex-wife, HGTV star Tarek El Moussa is getting his own spin-off show apart from “Flip or Flop.”

According to People, the show will not only be about Tarek’s professional life but it will also tie in a web series that will dive into his personal life as “a single dad” as well.

Although the show does not yet have a name, the first episode will reportedly showcase Tarek guiding a young family who is attempting to flip a house in South Central Los Angeles.

He told People:

“It’s definitely a high stakes flip. There’s a lot of real-life drama in there. It’s the real deal.”

And HGTV said in their own statement regarding the new show:

With more than 300 profitable flips under his belt, Tarek is ready to lend his invaluable expertise — and his own cash — to those who want to win big in the competitive real estate game.

Tarek and Christina El Moussa’s divorce was finalized a year ago in January 2018 after the former pair announced their separation in December 2016.

Just over a month ago, Christina got remarried to TV personality, Ant Anstead. As Dearly previously reported, Tarek — who shares a son and a daughter with Christina — is elated for his ex-wife and her new husband.

He said, in part:

“And I’ve been reading some articles today saying I’m devastated and depressed, I’m just so tired of the media’s bullsh*t. I’m not, I’m happy, like my life is amazing. I have amazing friends, I love my babies, my family’s great. And I’m just ranting right now, but I just want everybody to know that I’m doing fantastic and I’m super happy and I’m positive and I’m glad that she found someone.”

Tarek’s new show announcement comes months after Christina announced that she will also be doing her own thing with “Christina on the Coast.”

That show is scheduled to premiere in the early months of 2019.

Tarek told People that this new show is like a new start for him after coming off a rough two and half years:

“I completely rebuilt myself over the last two and a half years. Who I am, how I feel, how I think . . . I know what’s good for me. I have a new life and a bright future.”

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