A fan claims that she now sees Tamera Mowry in a new light after the daytime TV host sassily responded to the woman’s comment that she looked pregnant on Wednesday.

The whole ordeal occurred after a video of the mother of two was shared on “The Real” Instagram page. In the video, Tamera can be seen reminiscing about an encounter she had with rapper Jay-Z during the shows #GirlChat segment.

While most were concerned with how Beyoncé fans would respond to Mowry talking about the rapper’s charm, one user had something else to say.

She commented:

Tamera I’ve been watching you and as of today I’m sure you pregnant ??

However, the “Sister, Sister” star didn’t seem to take the comment as a compliment.

Mowry replied:

omg. You look pregnant, too! Hate to break it to you. I’m not.

Other fans came to Mowry’s defense, telling the woman her comment was rude and inappropriate.

One fan wrote:

Wow to the person who told @tameramowrytwo that she is pregnant that was so wrong of you and rude you should never assume someone is pregnant unless they announce it I hate that about people that do that I have had that done to me multiple times and it’s just so rude… @tameramowrytwo you are beautiful inside and out and I don’t have to tell you because I know you know just wanted to tell you anyway God Bless

The woman claims that she didn’t mean it in a rude way. She added that people have said the same to her and she didn’t get upset.

Another user replied:

Just because you don’t get offended doesn’t mean other women aren’t sensitive about their weight. @jacque3903 Until Tamera or any woman says they are pregnant it’s not our place to speak on it. Your comment would make anyone feel offended. Spread positivity and not negativity. ❤️

The woman spent a lot of time replying to users reprimanding her for her pregnancy comment.

One user wrote:

you really replying to everybody ? lol okay sis!

The woman continued to defend herself by saying she was only referring to Mowry’s glow and that those inferring more were “messy.”

She replied:

@muffinlegg yep… Cause they had no business trying to tell me what my meaning of what I said… They the ones being messy… Cause all I was referring to is that beautiful glow she has now… Y’all don’t know what god is capable of.. She could be… But anyway I’ll be ready with my popcorn for tomorrow cause the real and Steve Harvey are the only 2 talk shows I watch… So I’m unbothered I’ll be watching them cause I ? them..

Another user attempted to provide the woman some clarity as to why some may have found her comment insulting.

She explained:

@jacque3903 I would like to kindly explain why some people may find it insensitive and/or rude and/or inconsiderate to ask if another woman is pregnant because you don’t know if she was and she lost the baby, is suffering from infertility, she’s gaining weight, etc. It could be embarrassing or painful given the circumstances that particular woman. So even though now you may not take offense to someone asking if you are pregnant because you look it another individual might because they are dealing with an underlying issue regarding their appearance. Not saying you shouldn’t compliment something positive but carefully choosing the compliment or wording can be the difference of making someone’s day or causing a twinge of pain.

One user, whose profile picture appears to show a male, defended the woman and told Mowry she handled the situation poorly.

The fan commented:

I’ve never seen someone backfire so brutally in regards to a pregnancy Tam . That woman was under the impression that you are pregnant and seemed happy and hopeful that you were . Even though you confirmed that your not , you conveyed it in such a distasteful tone and had a jab at her personal appearance. You always talk about how much you love being married to Adam and for being a mom . Alot of people have developed so much admiration for you , but then you retaliate to a fan like that ? Shame on you

Further, the woman said she was offended by Mowry’s response.

Do you think Mowry was wrong for how she replied to the fan? Can you comment on a woman looking pregnant without it being rude? Comment below.

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