During last week’s episode of TLC’s “Rattled,” star Jarrel decided it was time to put his doubt behind him and do a paternity test to make sure “his” daughter, Boston, was truly, biologically, his.


According to TLC, Jarrel and Krystal were only dating for about a month when Krystal learned she was pregnant. During the first episode, Jarrel admitted to the cameras that based on the timeline, it didn’t seem possible that he could be the father:

“The timing of conception just doesn’t add up, so how do we know whether I’m the father or not.”

Jarrel decided to take the paternity test behind Krystal’s back. He didn’t even tell Krystal about the test until he received the results — results that told him he was in fact Boston’s father.

Jarrel was pretty shocked by the results:

“I’m pretty speechless right now. I’m happy that she’s mine and I really have fallen in love with her. It’s a blessing, but it’s also terrifying at the same time.”

Krystal was adamant that Jarrel was the father the whole time, saying that there wasn’t another man who could have possibly been the father, but Jarrel had his doubts.

When Jarrel finally decided to tell Krystal about the test, she said that she felt “betrayed” and “disappointed” by his actions, adding that she’s not necessarily sure she can trust him anymore. She said:

“Why didn’t you tell me? Like, if I was there, why didn’t you just talk to me about it?”

Krystal then talked about the situation with someone she sees as a father figure. He eventually helped Krystal feel better, and encouraged her to not let this one incident destroy what trust she does have.

Jarrel fears that Krystal will hold this over his head for the rest of his life, but is happy that they can now move forward together as a family without any lingering doubts.

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2 Replies to “After Taking DNA From Daughter Without Mom Knowing, ‘Rattled’ Star Finally Knows the Truth”

  • Kellie Patterson 2 years ago

    Just because she didn’t look. Like him lol don’t mean she wasn’t his baby.. She could look like her mum. Or nan or even aunt

  • CJ 2 years ago

    Jerryl, Not paying child support makes you a dead beat dad. The lowest of low scum. Walking out because someone is asking for support and thinking you’re free and clear is seriously hilarious dude! It’s your kid. Whether you want to or not you’ll pay till 18. Thinking or wishing different is sooooo naive. I pray she takes it “to the system.” You’re the douchebag of all douchebags.

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