When the elderly man’s car stalled in the drive-thru, three Taco Bell employees jumped into action.

As WDAF reports, Tosha Lindquist was eating lunch with her family at a Taco Bell in Sugar Creek, Missouri, when a man in the drive-thru lane started having car trouble. After learning that the man, who was elderly and disabled, had run out of gas, three of the restaurant’s employees — Caleb, Jessica, and Isaac — came to the man’s aid.

First, they pushed the man’s heavy SUV into a parking space, even going through the trouble to push him to a shadier spot instead of a nearby one.

According to Yahoo Lifestyle, the Taco Bell employees noticed that the man had just left the hospital and was still wearing his hospital bracelets — including one that warned that the man was a “fall risk.”

Posted by Tosha Lindquist on Sunday, June 16, 2019

Now they were even more eager to help the senior out of his predicament.

Jessica, who is six months pregnant, went looking for a gas can. She drove off in her own car and returned with a full can of gas, ensuring that the man wouldn’t be stranded in the Taco Bell lot.

After seeing how the three staffers went out of their way to help a stranger, Lindquist posted about them in a local Facebook group. She wrote:

[T]hey are fantastic examples of upstanding citizens. They are a reminder that there is hope & people with good intentions. Thank you!

After talking to Jessica, Caleb, and Isaac about what happened, Lindquist determined that there’s something special about this particular Taco Bell and its employees. She told Yahoo:

“The employees shared countless other stories of people who had collapsed, and horrible car accidents that they would find themselves witnessing and helping. I’m so excited that they are receiving recognition for one of the many good deeds they perform on a daily basis.”

Lindquist’s post ensured that the trio received the recognition they deserved. Dozens of commenters wrote about how glad they were to see such kind acts and “wonderful young adults.”

Posted by Tosha Lindquist on Sunday, June 16, 2019

Isaac’s father even commented about how proud he was when he saw the story:

Great job son […]!! To know I raised you right means a lot and to find out just how right on Father’s Day is priceless!!!

The three employees also received praise from Taco Bell, which told WDAF in a statement:

“Our team members inspire us every day, and we’re proud of Jessica, Caleb and Isaac at this franchise location for going above and beyond to take care of a customer in need.”

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