Nearly three months after 13-year-old Jayme Closs was discovered missing after authorities found her parents’ deceased bodies in their Wisconsin home, the teenager has been found alive.

On January 10, Jayme was reunited with family members after she was allegedly kidnapped from her home on October 15. Her parents, 46-year-old Denise Closs and 56-year-old James Closs, were shot to death that same night.

Now, after the successful recovery of Closs, a suspect has been arrested in the case.

According to NBC News, police believe 21-year-old Jake Thomas Patterson, of Gordon, Wisconsin, is responsible for taking James and Denise’s lives.

Patterson is expected to be charged with two counts of first-degree intentional homicide and one count of kidnapping.

It remains unclear if Patterson knew Jayme and her parents prior to him allegedly killing Denise and James and kidnapping Jayme.

In a press conference on January 11, Barron County Sheriff Chris Fitzgerald explained how Jayme was found.

According to Fitzgerald, the teenager “emerged from the woods in Douglas County,” which is roughly an hour drive from the home she shared with her parents.

Jayme proceeded to ask a woman walking her dog for help. The woman quickly recognized who she was.

One of those people who helped Jayme was Kristin Kasinskas. She told the Star Tribune that her neighbor, Jeanne Nutter, knocked on her door to ask her to call 911:

“This is Jayme Closs! Call 911!”

Kasinskas said Jayme didn’t seem all that scared and declined food or water, but she did choose to play with their puppy.

She later told CNN what Jayme revealed to them:

“She said to us that, ‘This person killed my parents and took me.’
She said that this person usually hides her or hides her when others are near, or when he has to leave the household. She did not go into detail about how she got out of the house or anything like that.”

The teen was described as “unkempt” during the 911. The dispatcher was also told that Jayme reportedly spoke of being “locked up or hidden.”

The current health status of the teenager is not yet known.

Jayme’s aunt, Kelly Engelhardt, admitted to being shocked by the news that her niece was found alive:

“I’m shocked. It’s what we’ve prayed for every single day.”

Sheriff Fitzgerald also thanked the public for their help finding Jayme and giving him the opportunity to reunite her with her family.

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