Suri Cruise, 12-year-old daughter of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise, was photographed selling lemonade during the Pride celebration in New York City.

According to People, Suri was selling the lemonade for two dollars a piece. She was reportedly in the care of her nanny while the stand was in business.

Those who purchased lemonade from the child thought Suri’s stand was endearing:

However, some had an issue with Suri’s pop-up shop. A few wondered if she had a permit or if the police were called on Suri, like the young girl who was selling water in San Francisco:

And others questioned why a little girl with rich parents would take other people’s money:

Aww how cute. Now they have 10 million 8 dollars and 78cents…lol

Wow the daughter of an actress gets to sell Lemonade to raise money for her cause and someone turns a little girl in for trying to sell water to help her go to Disneyland. Total double standards!!!! UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!

And way to teach her you gotta work for that cash. Seeing how you don’t see Katie Holmes in movies or TV she’s probably hard up for cash.

All she has to do is reach into her mother or father’s pockets and don’t have to work a day in her life… She can literally buy out her own lemonade stand.

Come on you have money offer it for free!

Tom isn’t paying that child support.

Since her daddy never sees her or supports her. She has to resort to selling lemonade.

However, as People reports, Kate Holmes’ daughter has a rather giving spirit. 

Holmes has said in the past that Suri is “very, very generous and very sensitive”:

“She’s always [saying], ‘Mom, let’s give my old toys to people who need it.’ So we’re always doing that.” 

It wouldn’t be a surprise to find out that Cruise had actually donated the profits she made from the stand to a cause near and dear to her family.

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