As winter festivities kick into high gear, many parents are working to make sure their children are filled with holiday spirit.

But one New Jersey substitute teacher may have spoiled Christmas and other holidays for a class of first-grade students.

According to a Facebook post by mom Lisa Simek, whose daughter Emilia was in the classroom at Cedar Hill School, the unnamed substitute asked students what holiday was coming up.

When they answered “Christmas,” she proceeded to tell them “magic does not exist.” The mom wrote on Facebook:

She told them Santa isn’t real and parents just buy presents and put them under their tree. She told them reindeer can’t fly and elves are not real- elf on the shelf is just a pretend doll that your parents move around.

After telling the children her thoughts on Christmas, the substitute continued to shatter the children’s beliefs. Simek said:

She did not even stop there: the tooth fairy is not real because mom or dad just sneak into your room in the middle of the night and put money under your pillow, same goes for the Easter bunny. She told them magic does not exist. There is no such thing as magic anything.

A grown woman tried to crush our six-year-old‘s spirit, along with the spirits of the other 22 kids in CH’s 1st Grade class.

Principal Michael Raj sent a letter to parents apologizing for the substitute’s “poor judgment” after he became aware of it, CBS News reports.

Jeffrey Hamilton/Unsplash

Raj said he wanted to give parents the opportunity to “take appropriate steps to maintain the childhood innocence of the holiday season.”

Thankfully, a group of local high school students is aiming to help out.

According to an update by Simek, a journalism class and English class from Toms River High School East are writing “individual, personalized, whimsical letters from the North Pole” to the first-graders.

The teens are writing the letters as part of their holiday project. And hopefully, it will bring some holiday joy to the little ones.

The substitute has not been publicly identified. Simek said that teacher should be respected, regardless of her actions:

“We don’t know her situation and perspective, and no matter how unfortunate a situation, we must all learn from this that Christmas magic is real and shown through acts of kindness, love, positivity and grace for/from loved ones as well as strangers.”

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11 Replies to “Substitute Tells Devastated Students That Santa Isn’t Real. Now They’re Getting Letters From the ‘North Pole’”

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    Kids find out the truth eventually don’t lie to kids and they won’t be setup to be hurt. We never did the Santa thing growing up and I don’t do Santa thing with my kids we tell them the truth. St. Nick was a good man long time ago who blessed those around him that were poor and he died after living a life well lived

    • Anonymous 2 years ago


    • Anonymous 2 years ago

      So let me get this straight.. Your saying it’s better to crush your child’s imagination early on, instead of letting them believe in Santa and reindeer for awhile.. My daughter loved when she found out and we explained that Santa is the spirit of Christmas in us all.. But you do you and make sure your children are little adults and not enjoy their childhood at all..

      • Anonymous 2 years ago

        Let me get this straight…. you’re relying on belief in Santa to be the source of your child’s imagination and enjoyment for childhood? My children are being raised to see Santa the same way they see Frosty, Rudolph and the Grinch- as a Christmas character. I don’t sit them down as of yet and say not true not real…. but I also don’t say that about Curious George or Clifford the Big Red Dog. I tell them Jesus is the reason we celebrate and a celebration it is. Planning to decorate cake of some sort on Christmas morning that we get to eat after we signHaooy Birthday to Christ. We do explain the symbolism behind different aspects of the Christmas season and stocking in connection with Saint Nicholas is one of them. With no TV, no video games and no computer I can assure you my children have some of the biggest imaginations and love of life you’ll encounter. They just don’t need to believe in Santa Clause. But find joyrnand excitement in the Truth!

        • Anonymous 2 years ago

          Idiot. It’s no one’s place but the PARENTS to discuss the magic of Christmas. Not some substitute troll. You obviously don’t have kids, and if you do then I feel bad for them.

        • Anonymous 2 years ago

          Even though Jesus was born in summer and Christmas is really just Yule stolen from the Pagan Calendar…. same as Easter and Halloween… all stolen holidays if we wanna get some real truth out there?????????

        • Anonymous 2 years ago

          Oh and btw Son of the Goddess Isis was born on Christmas, In case you wanna know where the story is stolen from….????

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    Perhaps in some households parents help out Santa and buy presents but when my kids were little I found out there really is a Santa Claus. One year I couldn’t afford to buy the children gifts but they got presents anyway. Santa was real. Just look around at mall’s, churches, and even Walmart. You will see giving trees with gift tags. Santa has many helpers in the world and they go out and fulfill Christmas wishes every year.

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    I’m sorry but Santa was a very real man AND his spirit lives on in any and all of us who have his GIVING spirit. To this day I tell my children I’m an ELF and I don’t see how that’s a lie. Elf’s help Santa. And I told each and every one of them they could be one of my helpers when they knew Santa’s secret. My youngest is now a senior in high school and my oldest is pregnant with my first grandchild. Each of them have had their turns helping me “create the magic” and loved it. My oldest is looking forward to creating that magic for her children. There is nothing wrong in letting children believe in magic. The most amazing Christmas memory I have is the one year Santa actually visited our house and left my two sisters, my brother and I each one really nice gift. Took us decades to figure out Momma pulled that off because little brother was a major snoop and she had NOT been able to surprise us with anything for years. That’s the only time she ever managed it.

  • sam 2 years ago

    I’ll say this I haven’t believed in Santa since I was 5 and caught my parents putting stiff out for Christmas it was the biggest one we ever had and it was just after my grandpa passed I snuck downstairs to use the bathroom and saw them no santa no sleigh no reindeer they tried to cover it up saying tgat since we rid if the wood stove there wasn’t a chimney anymore so he left it on the front lawn and tgey were helping to bring it in I still pretended for my younher siblings but for me the magic died with grandpa… my kids believe to some extent but they know if mos broke they don’t get as muchand that santas sleigh breaks down a lot and I’m has to go and pick up tger gifts at churches and places who help christmas be magical for them to an extent know the truth but they also believe… I try for a healthy balance I’m not Christian and I don’t realot celebrate Christmas but everto be I know does and I love sering my kid’s I happ opening gifts on Christmas day so rather than make them different from a lot of other kids who do celebrate I incorporate a healthy balance of magic gifts and truth… for us the truth is mom buys most of tger gifts strangers who are nice and kind buy a lot of their gifts and Santa tries to bring them but has an unreliable sleigh so he brings them part of the way and mom has to go get them

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    Why do you have to be Christian… Yule was never a Christian holiday lol. It was stolen by Christians, not originated by them???

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