Teen suicides spiked a month after Netflix series “13 Reasons Why” premiered and a study credits the extra 195 deaths to the show.

As previously reported by Dearly, ever since the streamed TV series was released in March 2017 people have voiced their concern over the teen drama that depicts the life of a high school student who decided to take her own life.

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However, recently, researchers examining the U.S. suicide rate before and after the premiere of the series report a shocking number of teen suicides to educators and psychologists who first warned two years ago that the program could lead to tragedies.

One dad shared his heartbreaking story after his daughter contemplated ending her own life, and decided to go through with the terrible idea after watching “13 Reasons Why.”

Experts now have research to link the Netflix series and suicide after the Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry published a new study.

Researchers found that the number of suicides increased by 28.9% the month following the show’s debut among kids ages 10-17. Over the rest of the year, there were 195 more youth suicides during the period researchers examined.

The new study also found that teen boys are far more likely to injure themselves and seriously consider taking their own life.

Netflix, however, has disputed the claim. A spokesperson sent over a statement to ABC News:

We’ve just seen this study and are looking into the research, which conflicts with last week’s study from the University of Pennsylvania. This is a critically important topic and we have worked hard to ensure that we handle this sensitive issue responsibly.

The Penn study found that students who watch the entire series were less likely to purposely hurt themselves or consider suicide, reports The Inquirer.

Netflix plans to release the third season of “13 Reasons” but vowed to look into research linking the show to teen deaths.

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  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    I’m a parent, I have 3 girls and as a parent I watched this show. I myself suffer from depression and bipolar disorder but watching this helped me to notice signs with my children I may have missed. I realize my own experiences will help but my children are not me. It was eye opening. It helped me to pinpoint the signs I need to keep an eye on. I for one am glad they aired the show. I am now much more aware of warning signs.

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