On February 4, multiple emergency crews responded to Anton Grdina School in Cleveland and transported nine students to Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital.

As Fox 8 reports, 14 children, ages 5 to 9 years old, ingested multiple gummy bears that were reportedly laced with marijuana.

According to a spokeswoman with the Cleveland Metropolitan School District, the school called EMS in order to confirm that was the case.

Jonathan J. Castellon/Unsplash

The parents of five of the 14 students declined to take their children to the hospital.

As the spokeswoman continued to tell Fox 8, three students — who were reportedly in kindergarten through second grade — were caught by aides passing the tainted candy out at lunch.

It is being reported that the children didn’t know the candy was laced.

The spokeswoman said the candy caught the aides’ attention because the wrapping was “odd,” and they later questioned the students about it.

A mom of one of the students affected by the gummy bears told a Fox 8 reporter on the scene:

“That’s what they’re taking the kids to the hospital for, to test them and see what’s going on.”

And when asked if her daughter was all right, the mom replied:

“For the most part.”

As Fox 8 reports, the nine children who went to the hospital complained of feeling sick.

The three children responsible for passing out the candy all lived in the same home, where they found the candy and ultimately brought it to school.

Another parent at the school told Fox 8:

“These parents need to pay more close attention to their kids and put stuff like that up.”

And the school agrees. According to the statement released by the district, the principal at Anton Grdina School used the incident as a lesson for parents:

“Although we have not yet received a report on the suspicious candy, the principal used the opportunity to remind parents and caregivers of the importance of keeping medicines and other items that may be harmful to children locked up to ensure the safety of all students.”

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3 Replies to “Principal Sends Out Message to Parents After 14 Students Eat Marijuana-Laced Gummy Bears During Lunch”

  • MariaRose 2 years ago

    I thought there’s suppose to be a rule in place what kind of treats of any kind can be shared among the children (because of allergies). Gummies don’t usually come under suspicion but it did mention in the article that the packaging (wrapping) appeared odd to the aides, which how they noticed it. That means it was brought to school in someone’s backpack. For whatever reason, that these gummies were at home, the blame falls on that household to keep things like this from children, as who would resist eating gummies. This explains the ban in NYC on anything edible containing CBD because of the unknown effects. This is not something that everyone can ingest.

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    Education needs to be provided regarding the damage pot has on the development of a youngsters immature brain, the continuation of the dumbing down of America continues at the hands of babies, shameful.

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    Omg this is stupid

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