Scottish teacher Gemma Dunne was devastated when she suddenly lost her 18-month-old golden retriever Charlie to an inoperable tumor.

Charlie was very loved by the students at the Glasgow school where Dunne teaches, making his unexpected passing all the more difficult.

Her daughter, Lucie Dunne, told People:

“My mum was so excited by him and loved telling everyone about him and showing them photos, including her class! The kids often drew pictures of the dog for her and asked about him, and on Monday when she came back into work she was acting quite off, so let them know Charlie had sadly passed away at the weekend.”

The teacher knew it would be difficult news for her elementary-aged students, but she never expected the reaction she got from one little boy in the class.

Lucie Dunne/Instagram

On Monday, Lucie tweeted out a photo of a note that was handwritten for her mother by a student in her class, Callum.

He made a sympathy card for his teacher after hearing the bad news, and Lucie couldn’t help but share the sweet gesture.


Lucie wrote:

Mum’s been so upset about the dog being put to sleep and stressing about having to go back into school today, and she got this from a wee boy in her class.

Callum wrote out some kind words and even took the time to think of an acrostic poem for the teacher using the dog’s name as inspiration:

Lucie Dunne/Twitter

Callum’s sweet note about the “great dog” quickly went viral, racking up more than 100,000 likes on Twitter, the Scottish Sun reports.

Lucie said she never thought the tweet would blow up like it did. The daughter told People:

“She was quite touched when he gave her it, as were the family when she showed us that night. I tweeted it straight away because of how lovely it was and it just blew up unexpectedly!”

Even though the family is mourning the loss of their furry friend, it seems like they have some extra special support to help them make it through.

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