On Wednesday, a long-term substitute teacher at a Maryland elementary school threatened to tape a second-grade student to a chair if he didn’t return to his seat.

Now, she’s been suspended after actually following through with the threat.

Officials at Lake Shore Elementary School learned about the incident on Wednesday night after a parent complained, according to the Capital Gazette.

The school’s principal Julie Little-McVearry released a letter explaining the situation to parents. It read, in part:

I am writing to make you aware of an incident that occurred in a second-grade class yesterday which I became aware of last night.

During regular classroom instruction, the teacher, a long-term substitute, remarked to a student that if he did not return to his seat, she would tape him to his chair. The student found the remark funny, and the teacher proceeded to do as she said she would.

Little-McVearry said that she immediately contacted the school’s human resources department after learning about the teacher’s actions and that police were also called.

Jeffrey Hamilton/Unsplash

The principal continued:

The teacher is not in our school today and will not be placed in any school until this matter is resolved. Our school system will make further appropriate decisions at that time.

I want you to know very clearly that the conduct that I have described above is never acceptable in a school setting. I was shocked and appalled upon hearing about this incident. Our school is a place where every child is embraced, loved, and nurtured.

Little-McVearry said that the school is working to replace the substitute teacher and are continuing to investigate.

The teacher started at the school on October 26. Her name has not been released by the school, school spokesman Bob Mosier told the Capital Gazette.

No charges were filed against the teacher in relation to the incident.

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3 Replies to “Student Thought Teacher’s Threat to Tape Him to Chair Was ‘Funny.’ Then She Actually Did It”

  • Kathleen Golden 2 years ago

    Maybe the kid deserved it.Parents need to be held accountable for not teaching their children to respect others.They bitch and moan about how badly their offspring are treated but they don’t do the responsible thing and “raise”their children.They expect the teachers to do it all.I have two neices that teach and they run into it everyday!!

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    What about the conduct of the child? The way children act today, they would have been beaten senseless when I was in school. No respect for authority at all.

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    No it was not right and you don’t make threats you can’t follow through on. Teachers have gotten to this point because they have no support from administration, the child and parents have all the rights! That is why I retired

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