Having someone surprise you with a cupcake is usually welcomed, unless you find out that a disgusting, extra substance has been mixed in, tainting the sweet treat.

As FOX 13 reports, students at the Gilbert School in Winsted, Connecticut, were given cupcakes by another student.

Some of the cupcakes were suspected of having bodily fluid baked into them.

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Principal Alan Strauss explained:

“Some cupcake batter was tainted with an unconfirmed non-drug substance and given out to a few students.”

Apparently, the cupcakes had the number “17” drawn on the frosting for the graduating class of 2017. The tainted cupcakes were separated from those that weren’t by a line that was marked through the seven.

A teacher and specific students were targeted in the cupcake plot. Senior Lena Teixeira was one of the people on that list. She ate one of the “bad” cupcakes. Lena told FOX 13:

“I feel violated. I almost feel like they took something away from me and I don’t know what I did for them to have done that. We don’t understand why they had to do something like that.”

Police became involved when the school began getting complaints from students who heard about the addition of bodily fluids, according to the New Haven Register.

The Winchester Police Chief, William Fitzgerald, said:

“Police are interviewing students and staff to determine the origin of the cupcakes and if in fact, any substances, including body fluids, were introduced into the cupcakes; one item is being delivered to the State Forensic Science Lab for analysis.”

Two sets of parents have spoken to police as part of the investigation.

Lena’s mother, Annmarie Welty-Barre, described the trauma the hurtful prank has caused her daughter:

“She’s worried about going to school and facing them tomorrow. She’s worried about how she feels emotionally, and I understand that it’s hard for her. It’s going to be hard for all those kids. They had a rough day today. I can’t imagine all of them on a big day like that.”

Welty-Barre wants the students involved to be punished by being held back from walking across the stage at graduation, which happens in two weeks.

Screenshot/FOX 13

Principal Strauss made it clear they are working to find the answers students and parents are searching for:

“We take all matters of disrespect, any violations of one’s space or rights, or any forms of harassment very seriously and we are vigorously investigating this incident.”

There have not been any illnesses reported from students or staff after eating the cupcakes, and police do not think that the added substance was poisonous or toxic.

The Winchester Police Department is asking that anyone with information on the tainted cupcakes contact them at (860) 379-2721.

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