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Student Forgets Teacher’s Name While Writing Essay. Then She Fails to Erase ‘Professor Whats His Nuts’

Zoey Oxley really wishes she’d done one last proofread before hitting “submit.”

As the Cincinnati Enquirer reports, Oxley is a freshman studio art major at Ohio University. While working on a paper for a viewing performance class, Oxley momentarily forgot the name of her professor but filled it in with a placeholder nickname.

She knew that she needed to replace it and even joked about what might happen if she forgot.

Unfortunately, when it came time to submit the paper, she neglected to double-check the professor’s name. And that’s why she turned in a paper addressed to “Professor whats his nuts.”

Moments after she submitted the essay, Oxley realized what had happened.

“As soon as … I realized what I had done, I immediately started to freak out,” she told the Enquirer.

She quickly wrote an email to Professor John Hendel apologizing for the mistake and lack of respect:

As I began writing my paper, I wrote out the template. Unfortunately, I could not remember your last name, so I filled it with something completely unprofessional.

Fortunately, Hendel understood and even saw the humor in his student’s error. When he learned about his student’s placeholder nickname, he even joked about it on Twitter:

A student emailed me, profusely apologizing for getting my name wrong at the top of their paper, and I was like, “Thanks, whatever, nbd.” Then I got to their paper and saw their instructor was “Professor whats his nuts”

It wasn’t long before the story was shared widely on social media. Hendel even changed his Twitter name to “Professor whats his nuts.” According to Mamamia, many commenters weighed in with their own similar mistakes:

Apparently, there are a lot of people who have forgotten to proofread or replace a joke before submitting a report:

Knowing she has plenty of company may be comforting to Oxley, but she’s still mortified by the mistake.

As she told the Enquirer: “Although this ended up being a viral joke, it was still the most embarrassing thing I have ever done.”

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