Deborah Price was looking for a dress, but she found a community.

As CBS News reports, Price recently went to Twitter in search of a dark gray cotton dress emblazoned with a rainbow heart. The dress was manufactured three years ago and is the only dress her friend’s autistic daughter would wear.

As Price explained in her tweet, she was looking for the dress in size 11 or larger:

Friend’s autistic daughter only wears this dress. Don’t judge. Sometimes people can’t cope with certain stuff & it doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things does it.

Almost immediately, Price was inundated with offers of help. One person volunteered to try to sew a version of the dress while others searched on eBay or offered up what they could find in other sizes.

Even the dress’ manufacturer got involved in the search. NextUK tweeted at Price, asking her to put them in contact with the girl’s mother to sort out a solution. The company also offered to check with their supplier about producing a special run of the dress:

[W]e have dropped this item from our range but we’d still like to help get this item for your friend’s daughter. We can’t guarantee it but we will try our very best to contact the supplier and see if we can produce a few more batches of this dress.

Others chimed in to help explain why something like a special dress can be so important to a child with autism. One mom wrote:

No reason to judge — fabrics and loved logos/pictures are v important can be grounding for some/vital to some on spectrum. My son finds uniform tricky and it impacts negatively.

Another person tweeted:

I’m autistic, some of us get attached to items, we also like routines and rules. I used stuff to cope to, and my personal life was ok. If you, or your friend ever has questions about us #AskingAutistics is a great hashtag, as others have pointed out.

Price later tweeted that it was the feel of this dress that was so important to the young girl:

It’s seamless and very soft. So it’s not the heart print specifically I think it’s the way it feels. The little girl is really struggling to wear anything else. Even her school have let her wear it.

In the end, Price’s efforts paid off. She was contacted by a mom whose 12-year-old daughter had the dress in exactly the right size.

Price wrote that the mom’s generosity — and the kindness of everyone who responded — was inspirational:

I told the mum to tell Mila how kind she is, she’s given my friend some breathing space and made her daughter’s day too. Not only that but she’s said I can share this story because I think it totally restores your faith in human nature. Absolutely bowled over by the kindness of strangers

Price and the girl’s family didn’t want to do any interviews, but they did return to Twitter to thank everyone who helped them find dresses for the young girl. The girl’s mother tweeted:

“Totally amazed at the kindness that has been shown on Twitter. Thank you so much […] This was an incredibly kind act from my friend to help my daughter.”

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