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A parking ticket is a bad way to start the day … unless it’s accompanied by an unexpected act of kindness.

A man recently posted a photo of his parking ticket to Reddit — along with the contents of an envelope that was tucked behind it.

As the man explained, he had gone down to his car on Tuesday morning only to discover that he’d gotten a ticket at some point the day before. He acknowledged that he deserved the ticket, even if it did come only a few minutes after his meter ran out:

[It was] 100 percent my fault. I do live/work downtown so paying for parking usually only happens around lunch time. I was [three] minutes expired for this ticket … sure, my fault. Didn’t say the ticket wasn’t deserved.

The ticket was for $25, but what caught the man’s attention was the fact that someone had wedged an envelope behind it. Inside he found $25 and a note from a total stranger who wanted to spare him the experience of waking up to a ticket.

The note read:

Hey stranger — Noticed you had a parking ticket on your truck and figured that Tuesday was a little bit too soon for somebody’s week to already start sucking. I mean, we’re only two days in and who knows what the heck your Monday held. Anyway, hope your week just keeps getting better from here!

The man says he was taken aback by the note and money, but also pleased to see that the acts of generosity we see online happen in real life. And the timing was good. As the anonymous note writer had guessed, his week hadn’t started off well.

“Monday was actually not that great, so this definitely added some goodness to my week,” he wrote.

He added that he planned to, “pay it forward,” by helping someone else with their parking ticket. In fact, he wrote he, “might just toss this whole envelope on another car next Tuesday.”

Some commenters pointed out that this might turn into something where people keep passing around the note and money. As one person pointed out, “It’s not about the money, it’s about the hope that is given.”

The man who received the note thought the idea of creating a “pay it forward” chain for a parking ticket was worth considering — especially given how much it brightened his day.

“I’ve considered just adding another note into the envelope that explains that the letter can keep going around until it lands on someone who really needs it,” he wrote.

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