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A 14-year-old boy is recovering from severe injuries after he and his mother were involved in a car accident due to someone stealing a stop sign.

As ABC 12 reports, the accident occurred on September 9 as Cole Yaros and his mother Tish Yaros were on their way home from grabbing apples together.

Without the stop sign, Tish told ABC 12 that she did not recognize the familiar turn:

“No, I had no idea. I knew I would be turning on Easton Road, but there was no stop sign, so I thought I had another mile to go before Easton Road.”

As Tish proceeded through the intersection, her truck and another car collided, leaving Cole with serious injuries.

She continued:

“He looked really bad coming out of the surgeries and stuff. He had bleeding on the brain and part of his skull has been removed to let the swelling go down.”

To prevent further damage to his head, Cole has to wear a helmet as it heals.

Thankfully, after weeks of surgeries and a long hospital stay, he is now home with his family as he continues to recover.

However, according to ABC 12, Cole will not be able to finish his final season of cross country at New Lothrop High School.

According to Tish, they are still trying to see just how much damage was caused:

“Until the brain kind of settles down and we get analyzed by all the doctors it’s going to take some time for them to kind of asses how much damage was done.”

Kirk Yaros, Cole’s father, told ABC 12 that he’s slowly starting to see some of the old Cole come back:

“You know he’s kind of a little punk sometimes and a little bit of a smart aleck, so once he got his attitude back it was pretty relieving.”

Cole’s family now wants justice for him. Their hope is that anyone with any information about the stolen sign and who took it will tell the authorities.

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