Rather than miss his first day of work, Walter Carr woke up at midnight to walk 20-miles through the night in July when his car broke down. And his story of heart and grit moved Steve Harvey to tears.

The Steve Harvey Show

On the Steve Harvey Show, Carr told the host, his “biggest idol,” a chance for employment motivated the 20-year-old to walk instead of calling out of work his first day.

The college student explained to Harvey that he was having such a difficult time finding work, that when he got hired at Bellhops movers, he refused to jeopardize his opportunity when transportation became an obstacle.

The Steve Harvey Show

Carr said:

“My car broke down, my ride bailed on me, and I was thinking I got two legs and two feet … I have a way to get there.”

While walking alone in the middle of the night, he encountered several police officers who took him to breakfast and drove him to his first client’s house.

When officers arrived at Jenny Lamey’s home they told the woman about the boy’s ordeal — she not only offered him a place to rest after his long trek, but she was so impressed by his story she started a GoFundMe college fund that raised $90,000.

The 20-year-old was later surprised by his boss with a car and honored with the Walter Carr Award during his appearance on the show. The Birmingham Education Foundation acknowledged Carr for donating $25,000 of the money raised for him.

The Steve Harvey Show

Harvey told his audience:

“Walter you done messed me up today.”

Harvey was deeply touched by the unlikely string of events and strangers in Carr’s story who went the extra mile to help open the door to a bright future after going through a difficult time.

Watch the heartfelt interview below:

Harvey said the acts of compassion that followed the 20-year-old’s ordeal is an inspiration to the country. He explained:

“You see the color is all out of this story. This ain’t a story about color. This is really the truth about who we are, and who we’re supposed to be.

This story is so good on so many different levels …

For him to do that in your name, for this woman to open up her home, for this guy to give you a car… It’s still a lot of good people in this country.

It’s a lot of people who care. It just really does take a village.”

Thanks to the Steve Harvey Show, Carr was also awarded a fully deserved trip to Grenada.

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