A college student from Maryland found the perfect way to tell her stepdad exactly how much she appreciates all he’s done for her throughout the years.

Sophia Wilcox surprised her stepfather, Brian Sandusky, with a tear-jerking gift for Father’s Day and shared the heartwarming footage on Twitter.

Viewers online said they needed to get some tissues to wipe away tears after Wilcox let her stepdad know just how much she feels about him.

The University of Maine student brought Sandusky to tears by framing the inspirational sticky notes he left her in middle school.

The stepdad apparently left a note on his stepdaughter’s door every day during the daunting time of adolescence. Now 20, Wilcox presented Sandusky with the sentimental Father’s Day present after finding the notes one day while cleaning her room, reports WJLA.

Watch the video below:

Sophia tweeted:

During middle school, my stepdad used to leave me a note on my door each day to inspire me. well, I kept those notes & It’s been 6 years since then. today I gave him those notes back.

The dad was brought to tears by the kind gesture.

Sophia told the Press Association:

“He was so shocked when I gave it to him because he hadn’t known that I kept all the notes. He told me later that he was beyond moved. He’s been in my life for about 10 years now. He’s a very supportive man and always tries to make me laugh, even on a bad day.”

People on Twitter said they don’t know if they’re crying harder at the fact that he wrote “all of those notes” or at the fact that she kept them all.

Watch more video below:

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