On January 2, Angela Marie Borden’s 13-year-old son stayed up until the early morning hours watching Netflix instead of sleeping like he was supposed to.

But now, she says that the decision saved their lives, according to 6ABC.

The teen, Damir Carter, was awake around 1 a.m. when a fire started to spread quickly through their mobile home.

Borden’s husband was out of the house for work, but she was asleep in bed. Her son told the outlet:

“And then I saw smoke in my hallway and then I saw the fire. When I saw that, I started yelling for my mom because she was asleep at the time. If Netflix wasn’t there, I probably would have went to sleep.”

The mother and son made it out of the house to safety but lost two of their dogs.

They’re still working to recover from the devastation, but Borden is thankful that they walked away with their lives. She joked:

“He won’t get grounded this time.”

She thanked her son in an emotional post on Facebook.

The mother said:

I am so greatful i still have theses too. When the fire happend Rich was on a tow call and Damir was watching Netflix at 1 am. I cant imagine what the out come would be if Damir had been ? sleeping when our fire started. I cant imagine this man coming home to us being parished. I love my son dearly for responding quickly and making sure i was ok the whole time. He waa so brave trying to call for the dogs and also calling 911 while i got clothing on and shoes while also calling for the dogs. My husband could have lost is best friend that. Night and i am so blessed our son is safe.

Borden said that they were told the fire started because a “breaker box was pulling too much outside power causing a spark in an outlet,” Delaware Online reports.

A GoFundMe has been set up to help the family.

Watch the video below:

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