If you were to ask some women how they feel about stay-at-home motherhood, you might get a variety of answers.

However, one mom described all the “shenanigans” involved in staying at home with three children as painfully frustrating, at times.

In her blog, “The Wild, Wild West,” Charissa West chronicles her experiences as a stay-at-home mom who is currently raising three young boys ages 7, 4, and 2.

I usually do a great job keeping a straight face through the kids’ shenanigans, but that was not the case…

Posted by The Wild, Wild West on Tuesday, February 26, 2019

West told Dearly that she’s in a hard season as a stay-at-home mom, and believes many other women can relate to her experience. She said:

We had a hard day, and there were a series of hard days.

Recently in her blog post titled, “Sometimes Stay-at-Home Motherhood Feels Like Death by 1,000 Papercuts,” she recalls one of those challenging moments at home.

The mother of three loves her sons, but said like with any role or job, raising kids full-time can be extremely difficult. West wrote:

The thing is, there’s no one specific issue that’s making it particularly hard. There’s no looming physical illness, no pressing financial stress, no urgent marital crisis.

The ‘hard’ is more the sum of 1,000 little things.

Posted by The Wild, Wild West on Thursday, June 7, 2018

She continued:

More often than not, by dinner time each day, I feel completely spent. Not just tired — but completely exhausted. Wiped. Tapped out. Like I can’t take one more minute of this stay-at-home-motherhood gig.

When I try to explain to my husband why I feel this way, I feel a little ridiculous.

West said it’s the small mishaps that can often transpire in a 12-hour day that causes her to feel overwhelmed at times. She told Dearly:

I’m not saying that stay-at-home moms have it any harder than anyone else, but the job comes with its own unique challenges.

However, this doesn’t mean that the mom hates her job or kids or “shouldn’t have had them,” she just never imagined that so many “mind-numbingly frustrating shenanigans” could ensue in a single day.

For example, on the day her toddler peed on the couch, it triggered a series of unplanned events that led to even more household chaos. West wrote:

It’s that the pee on the couch came after I had dropped everything and rushed [my] toddler to the bathroom six times in a row, [after he insisted] that he needed to, ‘GO POTTY!!!’

It’s that all six of those potty-trips yielded nothing.

It’s that, while I was taking him to the potty, one of my other kids accidentally spilled a glass of milk.

It’s that the glass of milk spilled onto the dog and was now all in her fur.

It’s that, while I attempted to clean up the spill and the dog’s fur, the toddler peed on the couch.

Can we please talk about what a freak-show-train-wreck (Can I combine that into one? I think so.) this house was last…

Posted by The Wild, Wild West on Wednesday, March 13, 2019

West said that many moms who responded to her post could totally relate to her struggles.

For more about Charissa’s life as a stay-at-home mom visit her blog because as she says, “with three boys, anything goes.”

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Tiffani is a writer for Dearly. She is from New York City. Prior to working for Dearly she covered fashion news and managed social media for various digital media outlets.

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6 Replies to “Stay-at-Home Mom Says It’s Not One Big Thing That Makes Her Job Hard, but the Sum of a 1,000 Little Things”

  • Melanie 12 months ago

    Welcome to motherhood. This all shall pass and the boys will grow fast and then you have grandchildren to love.

  • Anonymous 12 months ago

    One day you’ll look back on this and these will be the “good ole days” that made beautiful and funny memories! Keep this in mind when you want to tear your hair out. By the way, that couch story is a great one to tell at your son’s wedding reception! ?

  • Chrissy 12 months ago

    I can relate having been a mom of 5 children! I echo the comments of Anonymous above- you’ll wish for these days one day, believe it or not. Just a small suggestion (learned the hard way) they make fridge locks that can keep little fingers out. One day after trying to take a 3 minute shower (thought I had them entertained, lol) I came out to a race around the living room with ketchup and mustard bottles squeezed and aimed at the walls to make stripes! See- it’s a memory! And I even laugh, sometimes. Wishing her the best. She’s making a difference in the world.

  • Anonymous 12 months ago

    I may have missed it, but the 7 yr old and 4 yr old could be in school. If she’s homeschooling that’s fine, just missed that part…which may have happened! Lol I have 4 kids, from turning 1 next month, 5, 8, to 11. I work but where I can bring my baby to work (for a fee) and drop off and pick up my other kids. I get paid little to nothing ? but it’s a job that gives extra money and my kids the ability to spend time with other kids and not really know I work!
    Just be grateful and if it’s frustrating, do something different. In life in general! Lol
    I should really follow my own advice! lol

  • Kg 11 months ago

    100% how I’ve been feeling lately and i only have 1 child!! He’s 15 months but he is a rascal!! I definitely thank my mom everyday because motherhood is hard!! But I am enjoying it!! We’ve tried for a very long time so i just keep reminding myself about how much of a miracle he is!

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Stay-at-Home Mom Says It’s Not One Big Thing That Makes Her Job Hard, but the Sum of a 1,000 Little Things

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