Each year, 11 to 20 percent of mothers suffer from postpartum depression.

Over the years, moms who have struggled with postpartum depression have become more open about their struggles, bringing more light to the issue.

According to Mayo Clinic, symptoms of postpartum depression include:

  • Depressed mood or severe mood swings.
  • Intense irritability and anger.
  • Fear that you’re not a good parent.
  • Severe anxiety and panic attacks.
  • Recurrent thoughts of death or suicide and more.

But it’s not only moms who are suffering.

According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, roughly 10 percent of men who become fathers also suffer from postpartum depression.

Adam Busby, the star of TLC’s “OutDaughtered,” happens to be one of those dads.

In the most recent episodes, the father of six little girls talked about his struggles.

He has fears about his daughter Hazel’s eye condition. As the sole provider for their family of eight, he feels stretched thin, and as a result of that, he feels like a failure because he can’t seem to make time for his wife and kids.

He explained:

“I feel a lot of pressure being the only one providing for our family right now. All I think about all day long is seeing you, playing with the girls. I feel like I can’t give enough time to either side and make everyone happy. In return, I feel like I’m not happy.”

Adam talked throughout the episode about the immense weight that is on his shoulders with everything going on in their lives.

Eventually, Adam used his Twitter account to talk about his struggles:

Adam’s wife, Danielle, later jumped in via her own Twitter account to show her support for her husband:

She had no idea he was struggling.

Katherine Stone, founder of Postpartum Progress, told the Huffington Post back in 2015 that while the rate of postpartum depression is higher in women, it’s not only women who suffer from the illness.

Stone explained:

“I think maybe it’s still hard for people to understand that men can get postpartum depression because they don’t understand the underlying risk factors. It may be hard to understand from the standpoint of, ‘Well, if you didn’t have the baby, how can you have it?’”

Craig Mullins, a father who also suffered from postpartum depression, told the Huffington Post that he chalked his up to financial stress and being uncertain of how to take care of a baby — very similar to how Adam admitted to feeling in the episode.

Adam is hopeful that by addressing his struggles, he can bring more awareness to it.

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